100% Working Best Yahoo Mail Proxy List of 2020

Are you facing problem logging into your Yahoo mail account? If YES then in this post you will find a solution to that problem.

I have a Yahoo mail account and before few days when I try to log in, it keeps asking me to solve the captcha code (Captcha is used for better security in many sites). Then I realize that Yahoo has blocked my IP address. I realize that this happens with many Yahoo users. In some cases, some users are banned from logging in from the same IP address. not only Yahoo but many mail services are doing same to prevent spam and any cyber attack. So what to do now? Simple Yahoo mail Proxies are the solution to these questions.

Best Yahoo Mail Proxy List of 2019

If you aren’t aware of proxy them let me acknowledge you Proxy behaves as intermediatory between user and application. If you can’t access your destination site or app then you can use proxy servers which are available online. You can also buy proxies. If you are using Torrent sites then in previous posts we have covered 1337x Proxy and Mirror sites along with Kickass torrent proxy sites list. go check that out.

If you are facing any issue logging into your Yahoo account then you can make use of Yahoo Mail Proxy sites. Some are paid and some are free. The difference between free and paid proxies are free proxies can’t be used multiple times because after one use they get expire while paid proxies can be used multiple times and work fine every time. now it depends on you which one you choose.

Free Yahoo Proxy Site lists

If you wish to use free proxy then here are some sources where you can get those:


Suppose you need proxies that don’t expire then you can buy proxies from the site listed below. You can also choose proxy by regions like USA proxy, UK and Asian servers proxy etc.


You can also Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to surf the web anonymously. Using VPN you can hide your IP address location. Here is one trick to use Yahoo Mail using VPN.

Login to Yahoo mail using VPN

Suppose You have purchased VPN services then here are steps you need to follow to configure VPN.

  • First of all, Click the “Start” button and then click the “Settings” tab followed by “Network & Internet.”
  • Now click on the “VPN” tab and then click “Add a VPN connection.”
  • Now you need to enter a few details like your VPN’s IP address, VPN connection, username, and password. Your VPN service will tell you what to use for each of these fields. at the end save all settings.
  • Now click the “Network” icon on the right side of the taskbar and then click “VPN.”
  • In order to activate VPN click “Connect” to connect to your VPN. (Just enter your username and password). You can disconnect your connection by clicking the “Network” icon and then clicking “VPN” followed by “Disconnect.”
  • Launch any web browser while connected to the VPN to access Yahoo mail anonymously.

Now you can surf the web but your IP will be different than original IP because of VPN.

Final Words!

Many times it is just to use Proxy for some application because they have multiple security levels. At this time to avoid banning from the platform, we can simply use proxy or VPN to hide our real IP address which is blacklisted or blocked by the host. Let me know whether this info is helpful or not in the comment section and also let me know if you know any other good VPN and proxy site lists till then Goodbye.

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