*New* 20+ Working Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent List

Working Kickass Proxy: Kickass aka KAT torrent site was founded back in 2010 and within 3 years it has become the most visited and popular torrent directory site surpassing thepiratebay. Generally, Torrent sites provide Torrent files of any Movies, Games, Softwares, Videos, Ebooks and almost all kind of stuff around the internet for FREE using Peer-to-peer file sharing method and BitTorrent Protocol. Though it’s totally illegal and many torrent sites admins got Arrested because of Piracy and other illegal uploads on the Servers. One of the best examples was Kickass (KAT.CR). U.S. government seized KAT.CR domain in July 2016 and arrested its founder/admin named Artem Vaulin so the staff has also shut down the website. Even Torrent Lovers have filled a Petition to Free Artem Vaulin after his arrest.

Kickass Proxy sites

Why You can’t Access Kickass Torrent?

After the arrest of KAT founder, the site was seized and all the servers had taken down by Governments officials because of DMCA issues and complaints lodged by Content Owners. But still, there are many Torrent Proxy sites where you get exact content and stuffs like KAT.

There are many reasons for it. First, the reason is the torrent site is banned by your country. Therefore, no one from your country can access the kat torrent.

Second is your internet provider has banned your access to the torrent sites.

The third reason is Your Firewall and Anti-virus software has blocked the servers. Sometimes because of browser cache will be the reason why You can’t access Kickass Torrent.

Latest Kickass Torrent Proxy & Mirror Sites List

After all these hurdles you can still access Torrent sites using Kickass Torrent Proxy & Mirror Sites. Generally, Proxy Sites act as a Substitute It means Proxy Server it’s an Intermediate server which seeks info from the main server and provides them to end users. In more simple words someone who do your works in your absence and take your position.

Kickass Proxy sites
Source -Wikipedia

The main reason using a Kickass proxy server is because your ISP or your Government has shut down/Banned torrent sites but you can still access them using KICKASS PROXY SERVERS. It’s a bit complicated because there are many types of Proxy servers like open proxies, reverse proxies, and transparent proxies but we won’t dig more on it.

Here in the below list, I have provided Working Kickass Torrent Proxy Servers list, some of them have fast response while some of them have very slow you can access any of them according to your taste. You cn copy and paste given URL in any browser to access sites:

No. KICKASS PROXY SERVERS Response/Speed Status
1 Sitenable.pw Very Fast Working
2 kickass.unlockproj.loan Fast Working
3 kickass.cd Very Fast Working
4 kickass-cd.pbproxy.red Fast Online
5 Freeanimesonline.com Fast Online
6 kickass.immunicity.cab Very Fast Working
7 Siteget.net Fast Working
8 Freeproxy.io Very Fast Working
9 Sitenable.co Very Fast Working
10 kickass.st Fast Working
11 kickasstorrents.cr Fast Working
12 kickass.unblocked.live Normal Working
13 kickass.cm Very Fast Working
14 dustorrent.com Fast Working
15 kat.am Fast Working
16 kickasstorrents.stream Normal Working
17 thekat.se Fast Working
18 Filesdownloader.com Fast Working
19 kickass.unblocked.pro Very Fast Working
20 dumbtorrent.com Very Fast Working

How do proxy sites work in Torrent?

Proxy sites will provide you the alternate links to download Torrent Magnets using BitTorrent. Mirror Sites act as a replica of the actual site. Here in the above list, we have seen many replicas of Kickass torrent sites which act as a proxy site and easily accessible. If mirror sites are not easily accessible they have a high response time as result it loads slowly while some of them are very fast with low response time.


Accessing Torrent or it’s mirror sites can be harmful to your computer because of several reasons. Most of the proxy sites are not fully trustworthy sometimes they can attack your system by installing some unwanted malware software or files. You have also heard about Ransomware virus which will lock your PC and ask for money/Cryptocurrency to unlock it.

Always use VPN for anonymous browsing. VPN will change your IP address and it’s difficult to trace your real location. There are many Free VPN available in the market like Zenmate, Hola etc.


I tried my best to make a list of working Proxy Sites for torrent and all the mirror sites are Working fine at the time of writing this article. I have provided multiple options to you so that if one mirror doesn’t work you can use another. Remember one thing while surfing torrent sites that as they are becoming famous governments of different countries are shutting down them but don’t worry I will keep updating this list once I found any new proxy sites. I highly suggest you use any VPN for better security and don’t download any unknown Software or programmes which invites danger for your computer.

Let me know If any of the listed Kickass Mirror sites aren’t working in the comment section. I will replace it with new. Happy Surfing!

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