How to uninstall System/Stock Apps from Android Without Root?

Nowadays new smartphones come with a many pre-installed application. Some of them are really useful like Youtube, Google search, Contacts, Clock, FM Radio, Group Play, Hangout and voice search etc but some apps are really useless we call it BLOATWARE. Bloatware is the applications which came by default and it has no use. Bloatware is also known as system apps So, in this post, we are going to provide you with a complete guide to Uninstall system apps/Bloatware without rooting your smartphone.

Remove Stock Apps in Android without Rooting

Bloatware Apps are not easy to uninstall. These kinds of apps slow down the phone’s performance and consume lot’s of memory. So it’s advisable to uninstall for better performance of smartphone and to save some space. Basically, we have two methods to uninstall them:

  • Remove System apps using Android Settings
  • Remove System apps using the Debloater software in PC

Remove System apps using Android Settings

In this Trick we will try to Disable/Force Stop some useless application because sometime you can’t uninstall system apps from your smartphone, you can only disable/Force close them and it won’t occupy your RAM. Here is step by step guide to removing stock apps without root:

  • In the first step open your phone settings

Remove Stock Apps from android phones

  • Now Open Application Manager to Disable apps.

Remove Stock Apps from android phones

  • Now in the given Screenshot, I don’t want the Google Play Books app. So select the app and first “Force Close” the app and after that click on “Disable

Remove Stock Apps from android phones

This is a manual way to Disable/Force close any unwanted system apps on android without rooting smartphone. This way you can enhance system performance and speed by reducing RAM usage.

Remove Stock apps using the Debloater software in PC

The method we have discussed earlier will take time and you might not able to UNINSTALL/Remove Stock apps Totally. So, to remove any unwanted Stock apps you need to follow this method.

In this method, we will use Debloater Software (As the name suggested Debloater will remove Bloatware apps from your Android smartphone). In this method, You need to use USB Debugging Mode and also need to uninstall your Mobile Driver so that Your Phone will connect with Debloater Software and you can remove stock apps. Here are some basic requirements and tools you needed to execute this method:

Tools Requirements for this Method

  • Developer Options turned on with ADB or USB debugging enabled (To enable Developer Mode check Given steps)
  • Manufacturer Drivers installed (Your Mobile Drivers – USB Drivers must be installed)
  • KitKat – No Root Needed
  • Lollipop, Jelly Bean and below require root access

How to remove System app without Roots?

  • In the first step, we need to Enable Advanced Developer Option in your smartphone. (For that open Settings >> Go To ABOUT PHONE >> Tap 7 Times on BUILD NUMBER (After tapping 7 times Go Back to settings and you can see Developer mode has enabled.))

Remove Stock Apps from android phones

  • In the second step Open Advance Developer Option and ENABLE USB Debugging option as shown in the given image.Remove Stock Apps from android phones
  • Now to perform all other operations make sure you have all ADB Drivers Installed in your PC/Computer. If you don’t have Drivers the Download ADB Drivers for your Smartphone based on Model from Google.
  • Download Latest Version of Debloater Software. After Download Install the software and Open it.
  • Now Connect your Android Smartphone with USB Data cable (Make sure USB Debugging Mode is enabled)
  • Now Open the Debloater and Click on Read Device Packages. (This action automatically detects all the apps installed in your smartphone)

Remove Stock Apps from android phones

  • Now You can See APK Files and Packages. Tick on the Apps you wish to uninstall/Remove from your smartphone.

Remove Stock Apps from android phones

  • Now To Delete the selected Apps Click on Apply Button. (Given in the below image)

Remove Stock Apps from android phones

After that, You will see one Warning Notice about App Deletion Process. Simply Click on YES to process further. After this operation, All the unwanted apps will be removed from your smartphone.

You can also experience system performance from Advanced Developer mode by checking CPU Usages (Usage will be reduced after uninstalling Stock apps). So this is complete steps to remove unwanted system apps from your smartphone. If you have any further questions let me know in the comment section and I will surely try to solve them ASAP.

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