Top Free Online File Converter for all Formats

Top Online File Converters

Do you want to convert your file into a format different than what you received? If yes, then you will be glad to know that you can now easily convert your data with top online file converters. Yes! Some best online converters can easily convert PDF to DOCS, WAV to MP3 or JPG to BMP. They are quite simple to use.

1) Convert. Files

File converter

The first in our list of top online file converters is Convert. Files. It is a free converter that supports various file formats. It is quite easy to use and does not need any professional help. Convert. Files can convert the document files, zip files, presentation and drawing files, and eBooks. It also supports the conversion of image, audio, and video files.

To convert the file, first, you need to upload the file from your computer. You can also paste the URL of the data that you want to convert. After that, you need to choose the format in which you want to convert that file. Now, click on the Convert button to complete the conversion process.


File converter

On number 2, we have that provides the option to convert files online, free, and fast. It has a simple interface that facilitates the users by providing various features of file conversions. can convert several image files, documents, books, and archives, audio, and video files.

To convert your data, visit the site and go to the option to choose a file to convert. Browse the file from your system to upload. After that, select the format and convert it. You can also download your data in just a few seconds. In short, if you want to solve your file conversion tasks in one place, then is the perfect choice for you!

3) is a free tool that converts the media files from one format to another. This file converter is quite easy to use and provides fast conversion options on the home page of the website. It offers the facility of audio converter, video converter, and image and document converter.

Moreover, it supports eBook, archive, and web service converter as well as a hash generator. Select the target format and press the Go button. Then, upload your file from your computer. You can also enter the URL of the data. Hit the Convert File button. It will immediately start the conversion.

4) Pdf2doc

As the name suggests, the Pdf2doc file converter converts the pdf files into the word format. It has a straightforward interface that you can also access it from your smartphones.

The best thing about this online converter is that you can upload as well as convert 20 files at the same time. Moreover, it keeps the same font and format while conversion to doc file.

To sum up:

All these online file converters are free of cost and are the best in all types of file conversions. So, do not worry and go for the one that best suits your needs!

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