[Solved] Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070103 In Windows 8

While Updating some windows Features and Drivers You may come across several Errors and Issues and WINDOWS UPDATE ERROR 0x80070103 is also in the same category. You will face this error generally while Installing or Updating new Drivers on your system. So in this post, you will get the Solution of Windows Update Error 0x80070103. But before the solution, it’s important to know why and how this error occurs so that in future if you face this kind of error then you will able to identify the solution easily.

What does error 0x80070103 mean?

If you have seen 0x80070103 or Windowsupdate_80070103 error while installing the updates it means you are trying to install a Driver which is already installed or which isn’t compatible with your current windows System.

How to Solve/Fix Windows Update 0x80070103 Error?

You can permanently solve Windows Update error 0x80070103 by following steps:

  • First of all you need to Open Control Panel in your system. You can Do this by WINDOWS KEY + R and Type -> control panel
  • Now on Control Panel open “Windows Update” option.
  • After opening Windows Update option you can see a number of Windows Updates are available for your system.
  • Now you can HIDE the Windows UPDATES. For this Right click on Update option and click on “HIDE UPDATE”
  • You need to do this for all the updates which you want to hide.

After performing above operation you need to Disable Auto-Update option of Driver installation so you won’t get any Driver update related error in the future. By doing this Your system won’t be able to Auto-Update any Driver and Windows Update in future without your permission. to do this operation follow this steps:

  • Right-click on My computer icon on your Screen and select properties.
  • In the left side, menu search and open “Advanced system settings” option.
  • In the System Properties, windows option select “Hardware” and click on the “Device Installation Settings”.
  • Now select “No let me choose what to do” and then select “Never install driver software from Windows Update”.
  • Click Save Changes button to save the settings.

We hope these two methods are helpful for you to get rid of Windows Update error which is common. we tried our best to provide you the solution but still, if you are facing same error then You can check out Microsoft Help Forum and also comment down your Error so that we can help you solve it.

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