Run IOS Apps on Android with iEMU & Cider APK iOS Emulator

Run iOS apps on Android: Right now Android and iOS are dominating the smartphone market. Most of the users are using Android mobiles because they are cheap in comparison to iPhones or other iOS devices and another reason is android is an open-source platform where anyone can develop Applications and software. There are some applications which run great on iOS but doesn’t available for Android, at this time if you want to run those apps on Android devices then you need iOS Emulators. (An Emulator is Hardware or Software that enables one computer system (Host) to behave like another computer system (Guest)).

Run IOS Apps on Android with iOS Emulator

If you are an android user and you want to Run iOS apps on android then this article will help you to understand How you can Run iOS apps on Android with the help of iOS Emulator.

Note – Before Installing any Emulator on your device you need to Enable Unknown Resouce Option on your Android Smartphone. (Menu >> Settings >> Security Settings >> Tick on “Allow installations of apps from unknown sources.”)

iOS Emulator for Android minimum System Requirements

In order to Run iOs apps on Android, your device need a minimum system configuration as follows:

  • Minimum 512MB System RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Android Version 2.3 or higher
  • At least 70 MB of Free mobile space to install iOS emulator APK files.

iEMU iOS Emulator

Run iOS apps on Android

iEMU is “a generic and open source machine emulator”. iEMU is one of the best Emulator to Run iOS apps on your Android Smartphone. The process is simple you need to follow the given steps:

  • First of Download iEMU Emulator from this LINK.
  • Now If you have downloaded the file on our computer then transfer the file to your Mobile/Android Device.
  • Now open the iEMU APK file on your smartphone and Install the emulator.
  • Now on the screen, you can see AIO Downloader app. (This app will help you to download iOS apps on android and Run) [You can also Directly Download AIO Download using This LINK.]
  • Download the iOS application of your choice and enjoy running it on your Android device.

Here note one thing that the APP supports only .zip & .ipas files.

Cider app is basically developed by Group of students. With the help of Cider APK, you can easily run an iOS app on the android device. Cider apk isn’t available on Google play store you can download Cider APK file from HERE.

Run iOS apps on Android

Now after download process transfer Cider APK file to your Android Device so that you can run iOS apps on your Android phone.

After transferring the file, install the app on your android smartphone.

Once you install the app, open it and you can download the iOS application available on the Cider app. By this way, you can Run iOS apps on your Android devices with the help of an iOS emulator.

If you are looking for Running Mobile apps on your native browser than Appetize is your solution. You can run any application on your Browser or install it on your phone using Appetize. Appetize will help you:

  • Run iOS & Android apps within a web browser on any computer
  • A software-based solution, easy to manage and maintain
  • Select any choice of device, operating system, and app version


So we can see that it’s not that much difficult to swap the application from Android to iOS using Emulators. It’s possible that these emulators won’t support all the application to runs on Android because they have some limitation. I hope you like this post and let me know if you are using any other emulator or apps to Run iOS apps on Android in the comment section.

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