Easy Way to Remove Password from RAR File Without any Software

Remove Password from RAR File: RAR files are one of the most used file formats on the internet. RAR made it easy to combine multiple files into a single file by encrypting all of them and it has small file size compared to other file extractors.

RAR has a functionality to make files password protected so in case the files go to wrong hands they can’t access or open the file because of the password encryption. But Sometimes it becomes difficult to open password protected file if receiver forgets the Password. In this post, I will explain two methods which are super easy to Remove Password from RAR File Without any Software. Basically, there are many software available to remove Password from RAR files but why to go for the Complex method if we can do it in a more easy way.

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How to Remove Password from Rar File Without any Software?

Sometimes it is not advisable to use software to remove password from RAR files because in a process of removing password your file may get damaged. So you can go with a direct method where you need to Convert your RAR file to ZIP file formate and it will automatically remove your password or you can replace some Characters of RAR files using Notepad/Notepad++ editor (easily available on the internet) and remove the password. Now let’s discuss both the method in details.

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Method-1: Remove Password from RAR file using Online ZIP Converter

In this Method, we will be using Online ZIP Converter to remove RAR file Password.

=> First of all Open Online Converter

Remove RAR file Password without Software

=> Now Click on the CHOOSE FILE option and select file you want to convert to ZIP file format

=> You can also enter the file URL if you know or select the file Format from Google Drive or DropBox

=> Now Click on the Start Conversion tab.

=> Once the file conversion will be done you can download your converted ZIP file to your computer

Once you download the ZIP file you can the file will open without any password.

So this is the easiest method by which you can remove RAR file password by converting it to ZIP file format. ZIP files are also widely used to merge/combine multiple files and send from one and to other on the internet.

Method-1: Remove Password from RAR file using Notepad

Now in this method, we will be using Notepad or Notepad++ editor which is easily available on windows store or any online platform.

=> Now in the first step open your RAR file with Notepad

=> Now you need to search for these keywords from the file (Simply press CTRL+F and find the words).

=> Replace Ûtà with 5³tà’ and Replace ’IžC0 with IžC0

=> Above changes will remove the password from RAR files. Once you made the changes save the RAR file and then you can open it easily and it won’t ask any password.

Using any of the above methods you can easily remove RAR file password without any software. If you ask my opinion I will recommend using Method-1 because it doesn’t require to change anything in the original file. You just have to use an online converter tool and your issue will be resolved.

If you are still facing any issue in any method feel free to shoot your queries in the comment section. I will try my best to give your proper direction.

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