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Emails are essential communication medium apart from WhatsApp and FB messenger. Every single digital marketer and business have their personal email handle.

If you are a user of Openmailbox which is a cloud storage and email service, provider then you might know that the owner of the service changed it from a non-profit organization to a Limited. We have seen many Openmailbox users are complaining regarding they have shut down their servers without giving any prior warnings to upgrade their services and framework without any prior notice. Even many are facing a lack of communication with the support team.

Openmailbox Alternatives

According to the news Openmailbox has acquired by a French company and they have made many changes like an old version free users of Openmailbox could use IMAP/POP to connect to their mailboxes. The new owner of the service disabled the option without prior notice for all free account owners. It means that they only have a single option to use the web interface instead of mailing.

There is also a huge change in the pricing section. You can see that External IMAP/POP/SMTP access, Custom domain hosting and 2FA is only available in pro account. (Maybe it’s difficult to handle all the request in free version)

On and all users are not so much happy with recent changes in openmailbox and many are finding it’s alternatives. If you are one of Openmailbox user and finding the best alternative of openmailbox then this article will surely help you decide best email provider among present in the market.

Openmailbox Alternatives

All the Openmailbox alternatives given in the list are good. You can choose any of them according to your requirements. In the first Part all the service providers are free and in the second part all the providers have paid services with different price tags.

Free email Service providers

#1 Gmail

I think I don’t have to explain much about Google Mail. Gmail is the best ever free email service provider in the market. It gives you great interface, SPAM protection and 15 GB of free space. With Gmail, you can also integrate other Google services like Google drive and google play. To access most of the google services Gmail account is necessary.

#2 Outlook

Outlook has a clean interface and you can connect your Microsoft and Skype account. Outlook organize all the mail automatically, It Lets you use multiple account aliases to hide your real email address. Outlooks support many add-ons like PayPal, DocuSign, Trello, Boomerang, GIPHY, and many others.

#3 Yahoo

Yahoo provides a huge email space which is more than enough for any business. Yahoo lets you make hundreds of free disposable email addresses and it has inbuilt GIF database.

Top Paid Email Service Providers

#1 Mailbox

Openmailbox Alternatives

MailBox is a Berlin-based company who are providing E-mail inbox & cloud storage from 1 € / month, Data security with extensive encryption options, Professional spam protection, own domain possible. Mailbox is very old and reliable email providers which are providing services since 1989. The support team and their responses are very good.

#2 Startmail

Openmailbox Alternatives

Startmail has following features if you are going for their paid services.

  • 10 GB storage in a personal vault
  • Disposable email addresses
  • Less than $5 per month. means 16 cents per day
  • Total Email privacy (Noone can read your emails)
  • You can manage StartMail through your favorite email programs, like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.
  • Easy to set up. No need to download any software

#3 Mailfence

Openmailbox Alternatives

Mailfence Belgium based secure and private mail service provider which don’t track users information and no tracking, no spam, and no trackers. Their Paid accounts start at €2.50 per month.

#4 Posteo

Openmailbox Alternatives

Posteo is an independent email service based in Berlin and is highly concerned with sustainability, security, privacy, and usability. It is Secure, ad-free service with 2 GB, IMAP/POP access, calendar, and address book sync, data encryption, and access to calendar, document editing For €1 per month.

#5 ProtonMail

Openmailbox Alternatives

Protonmail is Switzerland based secure email service provider which also has their mobile application for easy accessibility. Protonmail provides the following features:

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • No personal information is required to create your secure email account
  • Open Source
  • Modern Inbox Design with more Security with Productivity
  • All user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

#6 Teknik

Openmailbox Alternatives

Teknik provides email, file storage, Pastebin and Free, donation-based service.


All the email services are good given in the list but now it depends on your requirements whether you want to go for more specific domain based service or just free services. We will update this list time to time once we come up with any latest updates regarding any new email service provider.

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