25+ Most Interesting Websites To Kill Your Boredom

The Internet is full of Surprizes. There are so many interesting stuff on the internet. There are thousands of stuff that we can do on the Internet but most of us are busy surfing google and scrolling Facebook Feed. Most of the people know only a few sites like FB, Wikipedia, Reddit, Amazon, Twitter, Youtube etc. While most of the people don’t know about some Interesting and hidden stuff of internet.

If you are free and want to kill your boredom then you can check out below websites which are Mind-Blowing and very creative. You can see the creativity of the internet by visiting some of the sites and here is a list of some amazing sites to kill the Boredom.


Top Websites to Kill Boredom

This is one of the most amazing and very creative websites. In the site, you can Pick any Color of sand. You can also choose Multicolor Sand. After selecting Color you need to click on anywhere on the screen and You can See COLORFUL SAND will come out and Your Screen will be filled with SAND.

A Soft Murmur

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

If you are a nature lover and want to experience some cool breeze of Jungle, forest, sounds of birds, thunder and rain then you must check out this site. At A Soft Murmur you can mix, Unable, Disable different voice like Dolby Atmos Surround sound and It feels like you are on a Jungle Adventure. If you love music then this Song Transcription Software will surely helpful to you.

Free Rice

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

This is something we call a unique concept website/project. If you want to do charity and you don’t have Money then Goto the FREE RICE website. You will need to answer the multiple choice questions and for each answer, you will donate 10 Grains of Rice to the Poor and Needy. For you every Right Answer They will donate 10 Grains of rice through the World Food Program to help End Hunger.

Bored Panda

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

As the name suggested Bored Panda website is full of Interesting stuff related to DIY ideas, Animals, Photography, Technology info., Travel, Food Art, Weird Stuff, Parenting, Digital Art etc.

Brain Picking

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

This site is full of Surprise and Unknown Knowledge. Brain Picking will let you surf through unknown facts and interesting Blog Posts which normal people don’t know. If you are really bored and want to know some weird and interesting information then Brain Picking is a perfect landing for you.

Bubble Box

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

This website is best for the kids and children. Bubble Box is a game where you need to Roll the RED BALL by making different Shapes like Circle, Hindges, Rectangle, Triangle etc. With the increase in Difficulty level, You also need to use your mind more creatively to make new Shapes. While playing the game you can’t feel Bored and time will run like Sand. Must try this one.

Funny or Die

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

If you want to enjoy the weekend with Hillarious Laugh and Comedy Video then Funny or Die is a perfect landing spot for you. here you can watch hundreds of Parody and Funny video and some of them are really Badass. Some Cartoon Memes are really hilarious.

Is It Normal

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

Well This is something different Website where you can ask any questions and also you can give the answer to any questions given on the site and You will get an anonymous reply from people around the planet. Some questions are really Hillarious.

Touch Pianist

If you are a Piano Lover but don’t know how to play then This site is for you. Here you can play the Beat with given Instruction and there are many different Rhythms given. First, you can also watch the beats and then you can Play them. Here is an Example

Sneeze the Dragon

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

Sneeze the Dragon has made using Javascript & Ruby. Here you need to click as many times as possible so that Dragon will Sneeze accordingly and You can see Fire Flames coming outside the Dragon.

Infinite Galaxy

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

This site is a great illustration of Infinite Universe. Here you can increase and decrease the Scale and the universe will sink and expand according to that. You can see thousands of galaxies and the solar planet.


This website is consists of some of the best satellite images ever found on Google Maps. You need to run the website in full-screen mode (F11) and you may discover some pretty amazing and unexpected place on our beautiful earth.

Damn the Internet

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

At Damn the Internet You can find some Hillarious and Interesting articles and Posts like What if Bill Gates has to survive with $2 Daily?

The Useless Web

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

The website will take you to any random and useless site which will keep you entertained for a minute or so. So, keep clicking The Useless Web button and watch your time being wasted. After Clicking on “PLEASE” button, you will randomly redirect to some Interesting and useless Sites.

In this site with the help of Mouse Cursor, you can create some cool designs and illustration. You can also download its application.


Top Websites to Kill Boredom

This site is especially for Music Lovers. At Incredibox you can Mix Vocals, Sound Effects and many beats you just need to drag the Symbol to the head of Character and it will automatically play the Sound.


Top Websites to Kill Boredom

This is an example of a Boring site where 10 to 11 Dogs are Running blindly and continuations.

Open Puppies

Top Websites to Kill Boredom

If you are a Dog Lover than We highly recommend you to visit this site if you are getting bored. On the site you see many adorable Dogs doing some act and click on SPACE to change the Act.


Top Websites to Kill Boredom

Click on an era and a location, and listen to the music that was popular there and then. So, if you click 1950 + United Kingdom, you’ll get a swing track. But 1930 + Australia digs up a folk song.


Top Websites to Kill Boredom

Darksky is the perfect Place where you can see Weather forecasting for Next 1 hour, 24 hours and For next week with Temperature visuals.

Little Alchemy

If you are thinking that you are a master in Chemistry than think Twice. Here at Little Alchemy, you need to make Different Elements using only Basic Element like Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.


So This is my list of Top Sites on the internet to kill boredom. I hope you like it let me know how you kill your boredom in cthe omment section.

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