Install Dolby Atmos on Android (Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow & Nougat)

Dolby Atmos For Android: Who doesn’t love listening to music when you have great software like Dolby Atmos. If you want to enjoy Dolby Atmos Sound effect on your Android Device then you are at perfect place. In this post, I will walk you through how you can install Dolby Atmos Zip File on your Rooted and Non-rooted android device and You will also get Dolby Atmos Equalizer Manual. So stay with me till the end.

What is Dolby Atmos?

If you haven’t heard about Dolby Atmos then let me acknowledge you, it’s Surround Sound Technology of Dolby Laboratory launched in 2012. Very well known Hollywood movies like Gravity, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant has used this Surround sound system in the movie.

There is a Dolby Theater in Los Angeles where Dolby Atmos was first to introduce.

Dolby Atmos has more than 128 Different Audio Tracks which generates 3D Surround Sound effect. There are also a few Song Transcription Softwares in which Dolby Atmos can be used.

Some higher-end Android smartphones have inbuilt Dolby Atmos Application but it isn’t available on all the Devices. You need to find it’s APK file and then needs to follow the steps given in this Post.

How to Install Dolby Atmos on Android?

Official Dolby Atmos APK file isn’t available on google play store but You can install Dolby Atmos App from the Zip file given in this guide. There are Two ways to installed Dolby Atmos on your Android Device:

  • Install Dolby Atmos on Rooted Android Smartphones
  • Install Dolby Atmos on Non-Rooted Android Smartphones

Now let’s see complete steps for Rooted and Non-Rooted Android Devices.

Install Dolby Atmos on Android Without Root

If your Android Device isn’t Rooted then installing Dolby Atmos on your smartphone will be very easy. In this Method, you need Dolby Atmos APK File, Google Play Music App (Which came by default in Android Phones or you can download it from Google Play store).

Step-1: If your Android Device is Non-Rooted then first Download the Dolby Atmos APK File from the Given link and also Allow Unknown Source Installation on your Phone from Settings.



Step-2: Now install Google Play Music Application on your Android phone If you don’t have it. Here is a quick link to the Application. Do not install other Songs Players like Spotify Web Player because only Google Play music app will work in this Non-rooted method.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot
  • Google Play Music Screenshot

Step-3: Now Open Google Play Music Application and in Top Right click on 3 Lines as shown in the figure.

Install Dolby Atmos on Android

Step-4: Now Go to the Settings of Music App

Step-5: In the Setting Tab Scroll Down and Click on Equalizer Tab as shown in the Figure

Step-6: Once you click on Equalizer Tab you can see By default it was OFF. Now You have to ON the Equalizer but before that, you need to install Dolby Atmos Application on your Android Device.










Step-7: As shown in the Figure your Dolby Atmos Surround Sound is now Activated and You can Adjust Music Effects by moving the Circle and change the Type from Classic to Rock, Jazz, Bass and Metal.

NOTE: For Dolby Atmos Surround Sound effect kindly Use headphones and you can clearly see the difference between Normal Music and Dolby Atmos Effects.

Install Dolby Atmos on Rooted Android Devices

Before moving forward let me tell you that Rooting Smartphones will void the warranty and there is a chance that your Phone will brick if you made any mistakes. So if you don’t know how to root android smartphones then don’t try this method.

If your Android device is already rooted and you want to install Dolby Atmos app then follow this steps.


  • Rooted Smartphone
  • TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project)
  • Dolby Atmos Zip File

If you haven’t installed TWRP then You must check out this XDA-Developer thread regarding How to get TWRP on your Device.

Now I assume then you have all the required files given in the list.

Install Dolby Atmos on Android Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow & Nougat via TWRP

Step-1: Before Installing Dolby Atmos on rooted android device kindly Backup your Data. These 10 Data storage and Backup Apps will make your task easy.

Step-2: Now Download the Dolby Atmos Flashable Zip File on your Android Smartphone.

Step-3: Now, boot your device into the Recovery Mode, by pressing Power + Volume Up + Home Button.

Step-4: After Boot into Custome Recovery Select Install ZIP

Step-5: Now Locate the Dolby Atmos Flashable Zip file and Select it.

Install Dolby Atmos on Android

Step-6: Now Click on Swipe to Confirm Flash to complete the process

Step-7: After Flashing click on Reboot system now.

Install Dolby Atmos on Android

Once your device finished Booting process go to the App drawer and open Dolby Atmos App icon and you can see the app has successfully installed on your rooted android device. For enhancing Dolby sound experience use headphones. Make sure to keep a check on the original XDA thread for updates and discussions.

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