How to Increase Download Speed in Windows 10?

Everyone is depended on the internet nowadays. And people normally get frustrated if the internet works slowly. People who have upgraded to Windows 10 mainly face this issue. But guys you don’t need to worry about it anymore because we have found that by modifying a few settings one can get rid of this problem.

When the continuous Windows update takes place, the internet speed tends to decline as we start browsing different websites. So, if you guys are curious to know how to increase internet speed windows 10, then the tips given below will surely help you.

So, let’s have a look at some of the methods which will help you to find out the answer of how to speed up downloads.

How to Increase Download Speed in Windows 10?

We have figure out 4 different methods to increase Internet Download spped. You can try all of them and see which one works fine for you. The methods are as follows:

Method-1: Enable the Limit Reservable Bandwidth

When you use Windows 10, you do not get the full speed because it uses approx 75-80% of the bandwidth which leaves only 25-20% for the internal use. That’s why the question arises how to speed up downloads. So to enhance the internet speed as the limit reservable bandwidth enables, you need to follow some steps:

STEP 1: Press the Windows key+R simultaneously to open the Run dialogue box.

STEP 2: Enter ‘gpedit’ in it and press enter.

Increase Internet Speed

STEP 3: The Group Policy Editor window will open. Now follow the given path:

Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Network >> QoS Packet Scheduler

Increase Internet Speed

STEP 4: Now discover and click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth option.

Increase Internet Speed

STEP 5: After double-clicking on this option, three options will appear as Enable, Disable, and Non-Configured. Set the value of the bandwidth limit from 80% to 0% by examining the Enable option. Click OK.

Method-2: Delete Files from Temp Folders

Sometimes Temp files interrupt downloading speed. So, it’s advisable to clear your system Temp files from time to time. By performing this option you can’t see drastic changes in the speed but I am sure you can see the improvements. Follow the given steps to delete files.

Step-1: Open RUN dialogue box by WIN+R key and type Temp and press enter

Increase Internet Speed

Step-2: Now once Temp folder will open select all the files and press SHIFT+DELETE simultaneously to permanently delete all files.

Increase Internet Speed

Step-3: Again open RUN dialogue box and type %temp% and press enter

Step-4: Once the folder will open select all the files and permanently delete all files. That’s it

Method-3: Change the DNS Servers

As we all are aware of that the Domain Name System (DNS) regulate the speed of the internet so if we will change the server of DNS then the download speed increases.

So one more answer to your question on how to improve download speed in IDM is this method. So let’s have a look at the steps which you need to follow in this method.

STEP 1: Open Settings in Windows.

STEP 2: Now in the Windows Settings click on “Network & Internet” option

Increase Internet Speed

STEP 3: Now on the Status tab Click on the “Network & Sharing Center” and by performing this task one new window will open where you have to select “Change Adapter Settings“.

Increase Internet SpeedIncrease Internet Speed

STEP 4: Now right click on your working Modem connection and open its property.

Increase Internet Speed

STEP 5: In properties select Internet Protocole Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

STEP 6: Now enter the following DNS address in Tab shown as “Use the Following DNS Server Addresses”.

  • The Preferred DNS Server is
  • The Alternate DNS Server is

Note: I have got some responses from a few of our readers that This method doesn’t work for them so you can try a different one if this doesn’t work for you.

Method-4: Flush DNS Cache and Empty the Temp Files from Folders

The second method which can answer your question on how to increase internet speed windows 10 is Flush DNS Cache And Empty The Temp Folder files.

STEP 1: First step is to open a Command Prompt. For that Open RUN dialogue Box by pressing WIN Key+R, then type cmd and press Enter.

STEP 2: After the Command Prompt will open, now you have to type the following command in the window and then press ENTER.

ipconfig /flushdns

Once you perform above Task just restart your computer and perform one Speed test. You can see a change in download speed.

Method-5: Turn Off Windows Updates Option from Windows Settings 

Sometimes we all get pissed off when we are in a hurry to download something but the downloading speed is almost down because there is less number of reasonably priced high-speed internet provider available in the market. We get confused about how to improve download speed. Then this third method which I am going to share now will work by following some steps given below.

STEP 1: Open the start menu by clicking on the windows key.

STEP 2: On the start menu type settings and select it.

STEP 3: On the Setting Window, find and click on the update and the security option.

Increase Internet Speed

STEP 4: From the security and update tab choose Advanced Options.

Increase Internet Speed

STEP 5: Now click on the link “Choose how updates are delivered” in the next page. And turn off this option.

Increase Internet Speed

So this is how you can raise the downloading speed after changing the DNS server. Restart your modem and enjoy the high speed of the internet. So after following this method, you will not get confused about how to improve download speed.

Method-6: Stop all Background Running Softwares and Tasks

Many times background tasks will eat up your internet speed because if you don’t stop them they keep running in the background. When you start the system some application will need to stop and to do so you need to follow these steps:

The first step is to open Task Manager.

In the task manager, you can see Multiple Tabs in the Header section. Now select the first tab named Performance and you can see how many tasks are running currently. Just close the tasks which are useless.

The second step is to select Startup tab from task manager and there you need to disable useless application which will automatically open when you start your system (these apps will make your PC slow and decrease internet speed as well)

Final Words!!

So, these are some of the methods which are the best solution of how to speed up downloads. After following this guide, you will not face any problem or issue and will able to enjoy the high-speed internet on Windows 10. Well, I hope you guys liked the article and got the guide which you were searching for. And now I hope that all your queries and problems have been solved. But if there is any doubt which is uncleared then just feel free to contact us. We will always provide you with the best guide. Thank You.

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