100+ Idea USSD Codes List 2018 to Check Data Usage & CashBack Offers

IDEA is among the best telecom service provider in India which was established back in 1995 mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra as Birla Communications Limited. It’s a pan-India integrated GSM operator which has more than 225 Million Subscribers as of June 2018 (Figures are Based on Survey). I think most of you don’t that IDEA is a joint venture of Aditya Birla Group, TATA Group, and AT&T Wireless Corp. Before 2002 IDEA was known as Birla AT&T Communications Limited.

Before Reliance JIO Idea and Vodafone are dominating Telecom Industry but due to Reliance JIO features and offers Both the company has to cut down their Rates due to cut-throat competition. IDEA is currently providing their services to 22 Telecom Circle coverage and It owns spectrum in 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz and 2500 MHz bands across the country.

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Now let’s talk about the real topic which is IDEA USSD Code list. The idea has a big list of USSD Code to check idea calling balance, idea internet balance, 3G Internet Data Balance, SMS Balance check, Activation, and Deactivation of Idea VAS services, Data packs, night packs, menu offer, GPRS data settings, unlimited offers and many other services related to idea network. So check out below table for Latest Idea USSD Code List.

All Idea SIM USSD Codes 2018

IDEA SIM USSD Code Detail  USSD Code
Idea SIM Customer care number 12345
Idea SIM complaint number 198
Idea Main Menu & Self care Menu ussd code *121*4#
Idea Account Balance Check ussd Code  *131*3#
Check Your Idea Best Recharge Offer  *121#
Idea Best Internet Offer USSD Code  *122#
Idea Last 5 Calls Details USSD Code *121*4*1*1#
Idea Active VAS USSD Code  155223
Idea Last 3 Recharge USSD Code *121*4*1*5#
Idea Emergency Talktime USSD Code  *150*10#
Check your IDEA Mobile Number  *131*1# or  *121*4*1*4#
Check Last 5 SMS Details USSD Code  *121*4*1*2#
Idea Last 5 Data Usage Info USSD Code  *121*4*1*3#
Idea Last Recharge Information Check USSD Codes *121*4*1*5#
Idea Tariff Plan Detail USSD Codes  *121*4*1*6#
Idea StartData Notification  *121*4*2*1#
Idea Stop Data Notification  *121*4*2*2#
Idea Zero Rental   *121*4*3*1# and press 1
Get Idea GPRS Setting  *121*4*3*2# and press 1
Idea Zero Rental  *121*4*3*2# and press 2
RC93  *121*4*3*2# and press 3
RC98  *121*4*3*2# and press 4
RC125  *121*4*3*2# and press 5
RC175  *121*4*3*2# and press 6
RC195  *121*4*3*2# and press 7
Idea DT Into Check USSD Codes  *121*4*4*1#
Idea Dialer tones USSD Check Code  *121*4*4*2#
Idea Dial tones USSD Check Code  *121*4*4*3#
Idea MCI Info Check Code  *121*4*4*4#
Idea VAS Servies Check Code  *121*4*4*5#
Idea Store Check USSD Codes  *121*4*5#
Idea Festive Days Check USSD Codes  *121*4*6*1#
Idea My mobile number Check Code   *121*4*6*2#
Idea Activation Date Check code Check  *121*4*6*3#
Idea BAR Service Check Code  *121*4*6*4#
Idea DND Service Check Code  *121*4*6*5#
Idea My Offer and Plans USSD Check Code  *121*4*6*6#
Idea DND Activation/Deactivation 1909

Idea Roaming Charges USSD Codes

Check Idea Roaming Charges  *121*4*7*1#
RC5 Roaming Pack USSD Code  *121*4*7*2#
RC6 Roaming Pack USSD Code  *121*4*7*3#
RC62 Roaming Pack USSD Code  *121*4*7*4#
RC78 Roaming Pack USSD Code  *121*4*7*5#
Idea International Roaming Packs  *121*4*7*6#
Idea Full Talktime Recharge USSD Code  *121*4*8*1#
Idea Local Recharge USSD Code  *121*4*8*2#
Idea STD Recharge USSD Code  *121*4*8*3#

IDEA Internet Data Pack USSD Code List

Idea 2G Internet Pack Detail USSD Codes *121*4*3*2#
Idea 3G Internet Pack Detail USSD Codes *121*4*3*1#
Idea 4G Activation Code 1925
Idea RC26 Internet Data Pack USSD Code  *121*4*3*1# and press 2
Idea RC44 Internet Data Pack USSD Code  *121*4*3*1# and press 3
Idea RC102 Internet Data Pack USSD Code  *121*4*3*1# and press 4
Idea RC198 Internet Data Pack USSD Code  *121*4*3*1# and press 5
Idea RC249 Internet Data Pack USSD Code  *121*4*3*1# and press 6
Idea RC347 Internet Data Pack USSD Code  *121*4*3*1# and press 7
Idea RC455 Internet Data Pack USSD Code  *121*4*3*1# and press 8
Idea RC852 Internet Data Pack USSD Code  *121*4*3*1# and press 9

IDEA SMS Based Activation Service Codes

Activate Idea GPRS service Type “FRESH” & Send To 4666
Activate 3G Idea Service Type “ACT 3G” & Send To 12345
Activate Idea Live Tv Type “3GTV” & Send To 54777
Deactivate 3G idea services Type “DEACT 3G” & Send To 12345
Idea GRPS setting Type “SET” & Send To 12345
IDEA to IDEA Balance Transfer
*567*<Mobile Number>*<Amount>#
Idea Magic Pack *567#
Idea Activate Call Waiting *43#
Deactivate Idea Cricket Service UNSUBONDCKT to 56456
Idea GPRS Settings SET to 12345 or 54671
Idea Missed Call Alert Activation *333*5#

IDEA Emergency Talktime Code

Idea Rs.10 talk time balance Credit code  *150*10#
Idea Rs.20 talk time balance Credit code *150*20#
Idea 2G Internet Data MB Code *150*06#
Idea 3G Internet Data Loan *150*333#

So, Guys, this is the Complete and latest List of Idea Cellular USSD Code list. If you find any code not working let me know in the comment section and I will remove that code from the above list also If you know any other code suggest me that on comment box so that I can include in the list. Till then Have a Great day.

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