How To Reinstall The Wireless (Wifi) Driver In Windows 10?

Is your Windows PC unable to connect to your Wireless networks? Are you facing Wireless driver related issue? There are many reasons for such issues and the most common reason is your Wireless Driver might outdated. In order to troubleshoot this problem, you need to update your wireless Driver ASAP.

A computer is made of Software (Drivers included) and hardware. With new technology and updates, some of your old Softwares get outdated and incompatible with the new configuration, at this time you need to uninstall old version or you can also upgrade your drivers to make it compatible with new tech. So in this Guide, we are going to discuss How you can Fix Wireless Driver issue in your Windows 10?

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How to Reinstall Wireless Driver in Windows 10?

Before you uninstall your old Wireless Driver I highly recommend you to Download New Wireless Driver FIRST then and then uninstall Old Driver

Most of the Wireless Network connecting issue will solve by uninstalling old drivers and installing the New drivers. So first we will understand How you can Download and install New Wireless drivers for Windows 10.

Method 1: Download and Install New Wireless Drivers in WIN 10

  • On Search Bar of WIN 10 type => Device Manager and open it or you can also Right-Click on the START button and select Device Manager TAB.

Reinstall Wireless Drivers on Windows 10

  • Now on the Device Manager Search for the Network Adapters Tab and Click on its Drop Down Arrow as shown in the image.

Reinstall Wireless Drivers on Windows 10

  • So in Network Adapter, you can see all your Windows Driver list. Now Find out Wireless Driver from the list (In my case its Intel(R) DualBand Wireless AC-3160)
  • Now to Download Latest Driver you have to see its Manufacturer, Driver Info, and Current Version. Just click on the Properties of the Driver to get all these information.

Reinstall Wireless Drivers on Windows 10

  • In this case, Driver Manufacturer is Intel (In most of the cases it’s the same).
  • Now If you have Intel Driver. Go to and Click on SUPPORT Tab. Under support, Tab Click on Download & Driver Option and there you can search your Wireless Driver to download and install on your Laptop.
  • Once you Download New Driver it’s time to Uninstall Old Wireless Driver. To do that Once again open Device Manager => Open Network Manager Tab => Search for Wireless driver => Right-click on Driver and Uninstall it. (See given image for reference)

Reinstall Wireless Drivers on Windows 10

  • Once the driver is uninstalled kindly Restart your PC.
  • After Booting Process it’s time to install the new wireless driver which you have downloaded and you are DONE!

Method 2: Update Wireless Drivers in Windows 10

Instead of installing new drivers you can update your existing drivers also and install the updates. To do that Go to Device Manager => Network Adapters => Right-Click on Wireless Drivers => Click on UPDATE DRIVER option. (The process required active internet connection)

Reinstall Wireless Drivers on Windows 10


Once you do that Your system will search for driver update online in troubleshooting window and install the driver automatically.

Once all the steps did You can able to connect your PC with available Wireless Networks to access the internet. Let me knows If you have any doubts about any steps.

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