Is it possible to Convert EXE to APK file with Converter?

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So before few days, I was plying a small window game on my PC and then I realize that what if I want to play the same game on my Android Smartphone, because I can’t carry a laptop everywhere and Mobile phone are very handy and easy to carry but we know that Android files have a specific format known as APK (Android Package Kit) and windows has different file format which is EXE.

So I need to convert my EXE files to APK file format and then and then I can able to install and play a particular program or games on my android smartphone.

But is it really possible to do this handy task using any Software/Converter available on the internet?

Convert EXE to APK file

To Find the solution I tried to search many EXE to APK converter and read many articles and I found one Software called EXE to APK Converter available at CHANGEMYSOFTWARE (The Site isn’t accessible now) and Downloaded in my Laptop.

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Once you download the Software You can open the file and you can see two option of selecting a SETUP File and APPLICATION Option.

Convert EXE to APK

But once you select the EXE file from your Computer and click on NEXT button it shows ALWAYS SAME ERROR that “SELECT DESTINATION FOLDER CORRECTLY”

Convert EXE to APK


If you found EXE to APK Converter online then you can see lots of websites are claiming that this Method is Working but in REALITY not a single software or any converter can do this Task.

NOTE – No matter what some website claims, you cannot find any tool/software that can simply convert exe to apk. You should be always very careful when using such a program as they may include spyware or other malicious code.

The given video is another Proof that why I am saying The converter doesn’t work now.

Now the question is If EXE to APK conversion isn’t possible so what about APK to EXE files because some Android games are really good and we can play it on our PC if we convert its APK file to EXE.

Convert APK to EXE file

To make this Task possible you have to use Emulators because Android emulators are provided by Google as part of Android SDK and can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

An Android device has hardware and system software which are required for the APK to run, and those are not available on the target system. So using an Emulator You can Run APK files on your PC. Best Example is BLUESTACKS.

Another method to Convert APK to EXE is to create a bat file that executes the command:adb that will install and start your application in the emulator.


So, guys, You can see that Softwares who claims to convert EXE to APK doesn’t work because of their limitation or any issue. If you know any Working Solution they do let me know in Comment Section and I will add your opinion in this post.

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