How To Automatically Login In Windows 10 at Startup?

Here at TechCortex we often talk about Cybersecurity and suggested that make your Computer Password Protected, but sometimes it’s annoying to enter Password again and again to login to your Personal Computer especially when you are the sole user of your Computer and you never take your system out of your home. Whenever your PC goes to SLEEP MODE you need to enter your PIN/Password to unlock screen. Now it’s time to solve this problem.

If you are the only ADMIN of your system then I will recommend configure Automatic Login to your Windows PC and get rid of entering login password every time. It will also Speedup booting process. There are several methods to do that and in this post we are going to discuss all possible ways to Automatically Login to your WIN 10 System. (All Methods are applicable for WIN 8 & 7 also)

Note: If you perform these steps and set up automatic login, everyone that has access to your computer will be able to login and use it without knowing your password and if your computer is stolen then your private data will not be protected. So make sure you are the only one using the computer.

Method 1: Remove Auto Login From WINDOWS Settings

This is simplest method to get rid of login password.

  • Open the Settings on your PC/Laptop and Click on Account Tab.

Automatic Login in WIN 10

  • Click on Sign In option on Account Settings as shown in below image. Now Select NEVER in required sign-in proces. Before that, you need to remove your PIN which you have set earlier.

Automatic Login in WIN 10

Once you have done then whenever you log in or Boot your system, you don’t see any Login Page.

Method 2: Configure Auto Login Without Password

This one is a simple method in which you have to follow only 3 steps as given below:

  • Open RUN Command Box by pressing WINDOWS+R => Now Type Netplwiz and press enter.

Automatic Login in WIN 10

  • Now you can see one User Account Dialogue Box will open and your Account will be shown in that. Select your Account and uncheck the option labeled “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” (As shown in the image) and click on APPLY.

Automatic Login in WIN 10

  • Now you can see one new dialogue box will open which is Automatic Sign In Box. Now In the Automatically sign in the dialogue box, enter your password and then re-enter the same password to confirm and click on OK button.

Automatic Login in WIN 10

By performing all the steps you can successfully Auto Login without typing Password again & again.

Method 3: Turn On Auto Sign-in at Startup in Registry Editor

  • Once again open RUN Command by WINDOWS+R keys and type in Regedit as shown in the image. (Regedit means Registry Editor)

Automatic Login in WIN 10

  • Now you can see Your PC’s Registry Editor has opened. Now on the Left Sidebar find WINLOGON Tab and open it.

Automatic Login in WIN 10

  • Now in Right Side of WINLOGON Tab look after for the entry named DefaultUserName and Open it by Double-click to see whether your Microsoft account or local user account name is appearing under Value data box or not. (Don’t change anything on Edit String Dialogue box of DefaultUserName)

Automatic Login in WIN 10

  • After that find DefaultPassword Entry on right Sidebar and If you don’t find any entry then create one. (Just Right click => Select String Value => Select New => Name it as DefaultPassword and enter your password in the Value data box => Click OK)
  • Now to set Auto Login just find another entry named AutoAdminLogon and open it by double click. In the next step one dialogue box will open for AutoAdminLogin, Now you need to change its value Data from 0 to 1 as shown in below image and Click on OK button.

Automatic Login in WIN 10

Once you do this Restart your System and you can see that Windows will no longer ask your Password. Isn’t it easy?

Method 4: Use the Autologon Tool to automatically login in Windows

To Auto Login you can also use Windows AUTOLOGON Tool (Size-70kb). This method is especially useful if your Windows 10 links to some domain.

  • First Download Windows Autologon Tool from Here.
  • Once you download the file install the Software in your system.
  • Now enter your UsernameDomain name if found (To setup Default Domain Name in Registry you have to follow the steps: Just Right click => Select-String Value => Select New => Name it as DefaultDomainName and enter details in the edit string box => Click OK) and your Password and then click Enable.
  • To Disable Auto login select Disable option.

How Autologon Works?

Actually, Autologon is windows tool by which you can configure Windows’ built-in autologon settings. Once you set up Autologon then Windows uses the credentials you enter with Autologon, which are encrypted in the Registry, to log on the specified user automatically.

Final Thoughts!

According to my opinion, the Second method is much easier than 3rd and 4th. Let me know if you stuck on any steps given in above methods I will try my best to solve them.

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