25+ Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes and Menu 2018

iPhone Secret Menu and Codes

Nowadays mobiles are compulsory requirements of every human being and in mobiles, iPhone is one of the Top Brands in the world. Many People uses iPhones daily but most of them have limited knowledge about some secret features of iPhone which only Developers know. This secret features or we can say iPhone Secret Menu and Codes are very helpful to understand some functionality and settings of the device.

Are you feeling excited to see some Cool hacks of iPhone? In the previous post we have discussed some Android Secret Codes and in this post, we have collected all the iPhone secret menu, codes and hacks that You can test yourself. To test this codes You just need to Open Dial Pad and need to enter the codes.

NOTE – Some iPhone secret codes and features may lead to Data Loss so Execute these codes on your Own Risk.


This code will help you get your IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. IMEI is an identifier for your mobile phone hardware. You can Track Your Mobile in case it was stolen using IMEI Number and It’s Unique for every device.


This code is used to check the call forwarding settings on your iPhone when It’s Busy.


It displays field mode of the device to show out the inner settings like your personal settings, Call information and available networks.


This iPhone Secret Code is especially for the PREPAID Users to check their Account Balance.


This code will improve your EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) Voice quality but you can see some slight drop of Batter life.


This code will help you see the Usage info of your iPhone.


Using this Code you can activate or Deactivate Call Waiting Services.


This code used for Barring Code means inquiry about the lock code of abroad going calls.


This code can be used to check call control bars. Also for seeing whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing you can check all the usual suspects like Voice, SMS, fax, information, etc.


This code will show the Call Waiting Status.


You can set inquiry for call forwards and helpful to Find the settings for your call forwarding.


This code will help you check whether the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled.


Using this code you can check a total number of missed called in your iPhone.


It used to check the number of forwarding calls.


This Code is used to hide the Number.


This code will help you shows your SMS Center.

*225# ( Postpaid only)

This one is used to check the Bill Balance


This code is only for the postpaid Users and It shows remaining Postpaid minutes.

Sometimes using some this codes will end up losing the stability and some functionality of your device. So, we won’t take any responsibility for your Data to lose or any Damage in your Software as well Hardware.

So these are some Hidden iPhone Secret Test Codes. If you know more hidden codes comment below and we will add your suggestions in the above List.

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