How to Fix Missing DLL Files Errors in Windows System?

Fix Missing DLL Files Errors: Have you ever came across any DLL file missing error while installing any Games or Softwares? If YES then This article will surely help you solve this error.

Fix DLL Missing Error

Before moving forward it’s necessary to understand the root cause and meaning of any particular error on the operating system whether it’s Microsoft Windows or Mac so that next time we get enough ideas to troubleshoot the error in the right way.

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What is a DLL File?

Full form of DLL is Dynamic Link Library. (Here DYNAMIC words justify that a programme can only use it when it calls or needs the library data unlike having the data always be available in memory.)

In any software or games, DLL files Contain instructions that other programs can call upon to do certain things. Here notice that DLL files can’t run directly like EXE (Executable Files) but must be called upon by other code that is already running. In case you see any DLL file error while installing a programme, you can download it using third-party but it isn’t necessary because sometimes third-party files may cause some issue in existing windows files. You can find more information about DLL files HERE.

So in short now you understand that what is DLL files and how it works. But the questions are still unanswered. Why we get an error of DLL file missing in any programme? So there are several reasons of that like your anti-virus software, file missing because of outdated Drivers etc. When a DLL file is missing or corrupt, the code it contains becomes inaccessible for your OS or apps.

now let’s see how to solve DLL File Error in Windows:

How can you fix DLL errors in Windows?

Here are some simple ways to resolve DLL Missing error. You can try all and see which one is working for you.

Method-1: Restart Your System

Let’s start with the easiest and common method. Many issues and error can be solved by restarting the PC after installing a New Programm. as you have seen that when you uninstall any programme from control panel the system ask you to reboot because new changes will take place once you reboot the computer and some DLL errors might make your PC unresponsive. So it’s better to try this method.

Method-2: Check for Windows Update

Updating your OS might solve the DLL error permanently.

To update Windows. You need to follow these steps:

Click on START Button and type settings and press ENTER.

Fix DLL Missing Error

In the Settings, Section click on Update & Security Settings

Fix DLL Missing Error

Now check for the updates and If there are any updates available then install them and reboot your PC.

Method-3: Try Reinstalling the Software/App having DLL Error

Sometimes Software might have installed incompletely so considering reinstalling the software after rebooting the system may solve the missing DLL issue.

If you have installed the software previously and getting DLL error them kindly UNINSTALL it first and then reinstall the software. To Uninstall the software:

Click on START MENU -> Type Control Panel and press ENTER -> Select Uninstall a Programm option -> Select Programm and click on Uninstall.

Method-4: Update Windows Drivers

Earlier we have seen that outdated drivers can’t work properly in some software at that time I have explained an Example of How to Update/Reinstall Wireless Drivers which can solve Connectivity Issue. So, Kindly Check your Drivers and if there is an update available then you can update them. The process is given here:

On the Desktop Right Click on the Computer Icon -> Select Manage -> Select Device Manager -> Select the device which you want to update -> Right-click on the driver -> Select the Update Driver Software option -> Reboot your System after the complete process

Method-5: Perform Complete SCAN for unwanted Malware of Virus

Sometimes unwanted malware and virus can change/affect the files of programmes. So if you are using any Anti-virus software then do a complete PC scan. If you don’t have any Anti-virus software then you can scan your system using Windows Defender as follows:

Click on Start Button -> Type Windows Defender-> Select Full Scan

Method-6: Download DLL Files from Trusted Sources

There are many Online Tools and Websites which can search for Missing DLL Files on your PC and install them and is one of them

If you know which dll files are missing from the programme then you can search for the particular files on and download and install on your system.

Method-7: Undelete DLL files by system restore

You need to perform the given tasks in SAFE MODE:

Restart Your System and press F8 to start PC in safe mode.

Select Safe mode with a Command prompt option using arrow keys

select the appropriate OS for your PC and press Enter

Log on as administrator or with an account that has administrator credentials;

Type:%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe in command prompt and press Enter

Now Reboot your PC and install the software again. The error will be removed.


These are top Seven Methods which will help you solve Missing DLL files error. You can try all and see which one is working for you and let me know in the comment section if you know any other methods.

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