Google Chrome is one the most Widely Used Web browser among all. There is no Doubt that Chrome has the best User Interface with Lots of Functionalities but Sometimes You have seen Some errors like ERROR CODE: ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOLE_ERROR while surfing a few websites on Chrome. So in this Article, We will Discuss What is this Error and Working Solutions of the Error.


Before you know about the solution it’s important to know What this error actually is and what it appears? Actually, SPDY is Chrome Browser Protocol Which was Designed to Load Webpage Faster and used to Improved Web security. But In the present scenario Google Stop Supporting SPDY Protocol in Chrome Browser.


SPDY Protocole Error occurs due to several reasons.

  • HTTPS Request Blocked by Antivirus and Firewall of Windows
  • Due to Outdated Chrome Brower


In order to Solve first we try some Simple method and then still if you face the Problem then you can go for some advanced method given in this article.

Update Google Chrome

The best and Fast option is to update the Chrome Browser to the latest Version. Or you can just Uninstall current Version of Chrome Browser and Download New Chrome Browser with updates and then Install them. To Do so follow given steps:

  • Go to Chrome Browser Settings
  • Open the last option “ABOUT CHROME
  • Check for the Updates if updates are required then Go for it.

Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome

Once You Update your Browser then we recommend you to Clear your browser Cookies and Cache. So you don’t face this error in Future.

To Clear, the Cache and Cookies Go to Settings >> History Option >> Check all the data and Clear Cookies and Cache.

Flush Socket in Chrome Browser

In this Method, You need to Flush Socket in your Google Chrome. You can Flush Socket of Chrome by 2 Method:

  • Open the Chrome Browser and Paste the Url and You can see the option of “FLUSH SOCKET POOL” Just Click on that and Done.



  • In the 2nd method open given URL in Chrome: chrome://net-internals/#sockets
    • in the right side in Drop, Down Arrow Click on Flush Sockets >> Click on Flush Socket Pools.


Flush DNS and Host Cache

You can Flush DNS and Host in Two Ways. Using Chrome Browser and Using Command Prompt.

  • To Clear the HOST from Chrome Browser copy and paste the Given URL:
  • Not Click on Host Cache option given on the screen.

=> For Windows Users

To Clear DNS Cache Open Command Prompt in RUN as an Administration.

Type the Following Command and Press Enter.

  • Ipconfig/ flush DNS
  • Ipconfig/ renew

=> For Linux Users

Open Terminal and Write Following Command then Press Enter.

  • nscd -I hosts

=> For MAC Users

  • dscacheuti –flushcache; sudo killal –HUPmDNSResponder

Change Anti-Virus and Firewall Settings

Sometimes It’s Possible that Your Current Anti-virus Software and Your Firewall Settings will Block the SPDY Protocol which will cause the Error in Chrome. So, you need to change your Firewall and Anti-virus Software settings.

In order to Change Anti-virus Settings.

Open settings of your Anti-virus and Enable HTTPS Scanning.

You can also Exclude the URL in the Settings option.

Use Chrome Cleanup Tool

In order to Unlock the website from HTTPS Access, You can also Use Chrome Clean up Tool. Using this Tool you can able to check which website is Blocked.


That’s it for now. So in most of the cases, ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOLE_ERROR will be solved by using above methods but still if you are facing the Same issue then Let us know in comment section specifically and we will try to guide you further.

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