Fix 100% Disk Usage In Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 with Chrome & Skype

Fix 100% Disk Usage Issue: If you are using Windows 7/8/10 they I am sure You might have faced 100% Disk Usage Issue error. To know more about the Disk Usage you can check your Task Manager and check out Which application or software is eating very huge Disk space.

Fix 100% Disk Usage Issue

The main reason why it’s important to resolve this error is that it will slow down your computer and you can see a huge response time of a few applications like Skype and Google Chrome. Mostly this Issue occurs because of some web browsers which are using lots of Plugins and Extensions (I personally faced this issue many times in spite of having 12 GB RAM in my Dell Laptop) But many of you ignore this 100% Disk Usage Issue which will eventually Slow Down your PC and it’s performance at long run.

What are the reasons for 100% Disk Usage Issue?

As I said earlier generally Web Browsers like Google Chrome (Because of their extensions) and Mozilla Firefox are using huge Disk space but wait there are also other application and software which trigger some unwanted high disk usage on your System.

It is also possible that your system is infected with some unwanted Malware and Virus. To resolve this issue we need to just identify the applications/software from task manager and need to take some actions which are listed below.

How to Fix 100% Disk Usage In Chrome and Skype?

Now we have spotted the issue maker and its time to fix the issue. Here in the below section, I have explained multiple methods to resolve this problem permanently.

Fix 100% Disk Usage due to Google Chrome

Now To know the issue is occurred due to Google chrome Go to your Task Manager (Right click on Taskbar and select Task manager Tab) and see the Disk Usage in Chrome Tab.

Once it’s confirmed that issue is due to google chrome you have to follow given steps:

Go to the Settings of Google chrome

Fix 100% Disk Usage Issue

In settings Go to Advanced Settings

Now head over to Privacy Settings and there UNTICK the option called Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly as shown in the figure (If you are using Old version of Google Chrome then it will shown as Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly.)

Fix 100% Disk Usage Issue

This go to your Task Manager tab where you can see the Disk usage due to Google Chrome has REDUCED. So, by this way you can solve google Chrome 100% Disk Usage issue.

Fix 100% Disk Usage due to Skype

This method is for the desktop version of Skype. If in the Task Manager you can see a Bug Disk Usage in Skype Tab then to resolve the issue you have to follow given steps:

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Now First you have to Close the Skype from the Taskbar completely

Open Windows Explorer and open the following folder: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone”

Now Right-click the file Skype.exe and go to Properties.

Now you can see multiple Tabs, go to the Security tab, select ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES and click Edit.

Fix 100% Disk Usage Issue

Now in the Next Box select ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES, and tick Allow checkbox for Write permissions.

Click OK to save and continue.

Click OK again to finish the Changes.

Fix 100% Disk Usage due to Windows Services

We know that windows system services always running in the background whether you are using it or not. So, sometimes due to windows System Services you might get 100% Disk Usage error. You can’t permanently disable it because it might affect other programs which are running in the background so you have to turn off them on temporary basis. Follow the given steps to Turn them OFF:

Open Command Prompt (WINDOWS key + R -> type cmd and press enter)

Now Type: net.exe start “Windows Search”

Now we have to turn off Windows Search

Press CTRL + R to open the Run Function

Now Type Type services.msc and press Enter

Fix 100% Disk Usage Issue

Now find for Windows Search in the list and Right click on that and click on it’s Properties

Fix 100% Disk Usage Issue

After that in the Startup Tab select Disabled and click on OK to save and Continue

Fix 100% Disk Usage Issue

Fix 100% Disk Usage by Turning Off Windows Defender

I know that Windows Defender is your Friend to fight against unwanted malware but sometimes it will act as Enemy and can eat your Disk. If in the task manager Windows Defender is causing 100% Disk Usage issue then you need to turn off that Functionality. You can follow the given steps to do so:

Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Defender -> Turn off Real-Time protection and well as Cloud-based Protection

Turn Off Windows Defender

Fix 100% Disk Usage by Turning Off SuperFetch

If you don’t know what is SuperFetch then let me tell you it’s a functionality for delivering fast OS boot. Sometimes SuperFetch is the culprit which can cause this issue. To Turn Off SuperFetch follow the given steps:

Open Command Prompt (WINDOWS KEY+R -> Type cmd and press Enter)

Now Type: net.exe stop superfetch and press Enter

Fix 100% Disk Usage by Updating Device Drivers

Sometimes Outdated Drivers can use your most of the disk space to run their functions in that case you need to update your windows driver whether it’s Wireless drivers or Audio and Video drivers.

To update your drivers go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Check for updates

If you find any updates kindly install all of them and this might solve the disk usage issue.

Fix 100% Disk Usage by Uninstalling AntiVirus Software

Like Windows Defender Antivirus Software are help system fight against unwanted malwares but sometimes they may slow down our System by running unwanted functions and System checks.

So it’s better to uninstall them or use only Windows Defender as Antivirus Software.


So guys these are some of the Fixes and solutions which can reduce your Disk Usage for Normal system run. Let me know If it’s helpful for you or not in the comment section.

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