Top 4 Online Fake Receipt Maker/Generator Tools 2018

Nothing is impossible in this world not even getting a Fake receipt. The world is moving towards technological advancements and we have seen so many changes in the last 10 years. The Internet is a source of infinite knowledge and we are again here to show you it’s Example. Yes! We are talking about Fake Receipt Maker/Generator Tools.

Before moving on I would like to clear one thing that This article is only for the Educational purpose we don’t promote anything which will cause you problems.

Fake Receipt Maker/Generator Tools

It is possible that sometimes you lost your Gas, Fuel, Stationary receipt or seller forget to give you one. But to show your expense you need the proof and in this case, Fake Receipt Maker tools will very helpful. Using Fake Receipt generator tools you can make Fake Gas Receipt, Expense Receipt, ATM receipt even hotel receipt also. To give you the best options among all we have tested and check many tools available online and after that, we have selected few online Fake receipt tools which are totally free. You just need to enter a few details which we will show you in this post. Here all the tools we are going to discuss are totally free and you can make a fake receipt on your mobile. No need to install any apps or software which will slow down your cell.

Bucaro TecHelp Online Receipt Maker

Fake Receipt Generator

Bucaro Techhelp is an online fake receipt generator website/tool. In order to print a receipt, you need to enter few details of Buyer and Seller. If you want to make a receipt but don’t have receipt maker or computer receipt maker handy then this website is for you. Here we have generated one fake grocery receipt for reference.

Just follow the instructions to make a receipt:

  • As you can see in the image that To add an item line to the receipt, click on the [Add Line] button.
  • Enter Item No., Description, Quantity in the given boxes.
  • Click in the Total box and tool will automatically calculate Final Amount.
  • If you need to remove last item line, click on the [Remove Line] button.
  • Now Enter the charge for shipping (if any) in the Shipping box. Then click in the Total box to update.
  • Now Enter the sales tax rate and click in the Sales Tax box to calculate the sales tax.
  • After that Enter other information in the proper boxes as desired.
  • Now at the End Select CLICK HERE to Generate your receipt


The main pros of this Fake receipt tool are your information won’t Save, Stored on any server or in any database online.

Fake Hoel Receipt Generator –

Fake Receipt Generator

If you want to print Fake Hotel Receipt then is the perfect site for you. To print receipt first you need to make an account on the site and after Login just enter the required details and select the Hotel Photo also. To See the Sample Fake Hotel Receipt CLICK HERE.

Here are full instructions about How Losthotelreceipt works:

  • Each Hotel Receipt Form consists of 3 sections.  1. Information 2. Detail 3. Summary
  • The Information field is fixed and cannot be expanded or reduced.
  • The Detail section can have as many detail lines as needed.
  • The headings: Post Date, Description, Comment, Amount are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • The amount field only takes numbers “0-9”, a decimal “.”, or a minus sign “-” and is right justified.
  • For a payment or credit, use a minus sign.
  • ThSummary section is created from the Description and Amount fields in the detail section.

Adding – Click on “Credits:” in the grey bar beneath the headline.
Using – 1 credit is deducted when adding a receipt from “Saved Receipts” to “Paid Receipts”.

View & Print
Clicking View will open a window displaying a printable receipt.
When viewing from “Saved Receipts”, SAMPLE RECEIPT will appear in several locations.
When printing from “Paid Receipts”, SAMPLE RECEIPT will not appear.

Fake ATM Receipt Generator

Fake Receipt Generator

If you want to SHOWOFF and show your Fake Account Bank Balance then FRABZ is the perfect site to generate Fake ATM Account Receipt. You just have to enter Date, Time, Account Balance, City and state and you are good to go. You can see an example of Fake ATM receipt in given pic how it looks like.

Custom Receipt Maker

Fake Receipt Generator

Custom Receipt Maker is very easy and handy tool to make fake Grocery receipt. There are total 14 boxes where you need to enter the details. The first three fields you need to enter the receipt name with full address. The second part of the receipt contains details about items/products/grocery details you want to mention. Four blank fields are available for items names along with item prices. And by filling the two bottom lines, you can download your receipt.

Expres Expense [Paid]

Fake Receipt Generator

Express Expense is a PAID online FakeReceipt Generator. You need to follow three steps to generate fake receipt:

  • Select Receipt Template among Free and Pro receipt Samples.
  • Customize your receipt by providing details
  • Download your receipt

In the above image, you can check out how Free express expense Free Template receipt looks like.

Final Words!!

We hope that your search for Fake Receipt Generator has ended by reading this post. We tried our best to provide you with the best tools after using many based on user-friendliness, interface, functionality, and features. Let us know which tool you are using to generate fake Receipt in the comment section and if you are using any other tools let us know so that we can add them in our list.

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