How to Delete Multiple/All Contacts from iPhone or any iOS Device?

Over the years we met hundreds of people and we tend to save their contact details for future communication. But over the time it’s possible that we forgot most of them because of we no longer in touch with them but their contact and other details are still on our iPhone who occupied extra space. Now it’s time to delete all the unwanted Contacts from your phone. In this post, we are going to discuss How to delete Multiple contacts from iPhone using several apps and also manually.

Here we have two scenarios. In the first case If you have less number of unwanted contact details on your phone book then you can go for the manual method but What if you have tons of unwanted contacts? Manually deleting a contact, in this case, will end up in Frustration. So we will use a few iPhone app like Cleaner pro, Contacs XL and Groups. You can also delete multiple contacts via icloud. (We will see both the method here)

How to delete Single Contacts from iPhone?

The method is simple and takes a few minutes, You just have to follow these easy steps:

  • In the first step Open Contacts app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Choose the contact you want to delete from the contact list, click the Edit button in the right corner.
  • Scroll down and tap the large red “Delete Contact” button.

How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone using Cleaner Pro?

There are multiple ways to delete iPhone contacts. In this method, we will be using Cleaner Pro iPhone applications. Steps are as follows:

  • First Download Cleaner Pro (Free version) application from Apple store.
  • After installation opens the application and contact tab.
  • In contact, Tab clicks on EDIT icon.

Delete all iPhone Contacts

  • Now select the contacts by Tapping on unwanted contacts and click on the TRASH icon given at bottom right on the screen.

Delete all iPhone Contacts

  • Now Confirm the DELETE Option.

In order to Delete all the contact from iPhone using Cleaner pro app, you can simply Select all the Contacts and follow the above steps.

How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone using Contacts XL?

ContactsXL is an iPhone application to enhance contact list functions and help to create groups. here are some steps to delete iPhone contacts:

  • In the first step download and install the app and then open the Contacts XL application
  • In application select contact list.
  • To Delete multiple contacts select contact from the list (If you want to delete all the contact then select all the contact)Delete all iPhone Contacts
  • Now click on the list icon given in the top left on the screen.Delete all iPhone Contacts
  • After selecting the contact, Click on the DELETE icon as shown in the figure.

If you follow this steps you can easily multiple contacts from your iPhone.

How to Delete Multiple or All Contacts on iPhone or iPad At Once?

If you are using iCloud on the mac then you can delete multiple contacts easily in few simple steps. If you are an iPhone user then you must have an Apple ID and Password. Now you need to login to your iCloud using this Apple ID and Password to perform this operation:

  • Sign in to the iCloud account using Apple ID and Password.
  • Now in the iCloud open preferences and select iClouds.
  • You need to sync your iCloud with your iPhone data so that you can select all/multiple contacts and later delete them.

Delete all iPhone Contacts

  • Now in the application list open Contacts app on your Mac.

Delete all iPhone Contacts

  • Now select contacts you wish to delete from your iPhone.

Delete all iPhone Contacts

  • Now right click and then click on DELETE CARDS (By performing this selected contacts will be deleted)
  • The changes will be updated on your iPhone within a few minutes.

For PC Users you need to open on your computer and sign in with your Apple ID and Password. Now you can see CONTACT app on PC. open the app and rest operation is the same as listed above.

Note – You can also use applications like AnyTrans For iOS to delete iPhone contacts on your computer.

So, guys, This is some methods which will help you delete Multiple contacts on your iPhone contact list. Here we have listed only two application which we have tried but there is also much application which can be helpful to do this operation but these two are widely used and have high ratings in App store. At the end let us know if you are facing any issue in given steps/method. I would love to help you out to solve them.

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