Steps To Combine and Merge all PDFs in One PDF File

Merge PDF Files online: I guess we have lots of PDF files related to our work, bills, business documents, and reports present in our Laptop/Computer. Sometimes it’s very difficult to find particular PDF files from thousands of file list. To get rid of this hustle you can merge all the same category PDF files into one PDF files so whenever you want a specific PDF you don’t need to fetch your entire computer, you can just open that One PDF and it will save your time as well.

There are 2 ways to Combine and Merge all PDF files into a single PDF file.

  • Merge PDF Files Online
  • Merge PDF Files Offline using Software

Both the methods are simple and easy. You just have to follow some simple steps as given below:

Combine and Merge PDFs Online Free

There are many Online PDF merging websites and tools which combined up to 20 PDF files in a single PDF file but more specifically in this method we are using “” because it’s very famous and simple to use online tool.

COMBINE PDF online tool lets you combine multiple PDF or images files into a single PDF document without having to install any software on your system. Select up to 20 PDF files and images from your computer or drag them to the drop area. To change the order you can also drag and drop its file order. Now let’s see complete process step by step:

Step-1: Open any web browser on your PC and paste this URL –

Step-2: As you can See there is an option of “UPLOAD FILES” Click on that button.

Combine and Merge PDF Files

Step-3: Using Combine PDF Tool You can Combine and Merge up to Max. 20 PDF Files into single PDF. You can also Drag and Drop Files in a particular order.

Step-4: Once you have done with Uploading Files Click on “COMBINE” Button.

Combine and Merge PDF Files

Once you Hit the combine button you can see the Progress of merging file and when it will complete the file will be Downloaded automatically in your computer.

Combine and Merge PDF Files

The only Cons of CombinePDF tool is you can only combine and merge 20 PDF files. You might have a question that what if you want to Combine and merge more than 20 PDFs. In this scenario there are many alternatives like you can use Adobe Acrobat (Paid Tool), Sejda, MergePDF etc.

Combine or merge PDF files in Windows 10 using PDF Shaper Free

Let’s assume that you don’t have Internet access and still want to Combine and Merge PDF Files at this time you can use File Merger Software which can do this work easily offline. Follow the steps to Download PDF Shaper FREE software and Merge PDF Files.

Step-1: This process requires PDF Shaper Free Software. You can Download the software from HERE.

Step-2: Once you Download the Software, open the file and install it on your system.

Step-3: Open the PDF SHaper Free after successful installation.

Step-4: On the Content, Column select MERGE Tab as shown in the figure.

Step-5: Now next step is to click the Add button to add all the PDF files that you want to merge or combine into one PDF file.

Combine and Merge PDF Files

Step-6: If you want to change the merging Order than select PDF files and click on UP/DOWN TAB to change its order.

Step-7: Once you have done with Order CLick on PROCESS tab and One new popup will open asking you to save the Merge PDF on your system.

Combine and Merge PDF Files

Step-8: Save the PDF Files to your PC (You can see success messages after the entire process as shown in given image)

Combine and Merge PDF Files


Guys, I Hope you like the information and my efforts. Apart from the Given Website and PDF Shaper Software, there are many ways you can combine and merge PDF Files but I these are the simplest and hustle free methods by which you can perform the task.

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