How to Choose and Use Washer and Dryer Correctly?

An automatic clothes dryer is viewed as a need in many homes and also the clothes washer. A few neighborhoods don’t permit outside clotheslines, drying enormous things like bed sheets is about inconceivable on inside dryer racks, and a considerable lot of us are in a rush and can hardly wait for garments to air dry, yet would you say you are getting the best outcomes from your dryer?

Choosing a good washer and a dryer is very important because it’s not cheap. Even if you are planning to Buy a Washer and Dryer Combo then it would be a bit high pricey and may increase your expenditure due to maintenance and addon equipment.

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So in this post, we will try to cover how you can choose the best washer and dryer and how you can effectively use it so that you can also save the energy to reduce your bill (not in case of Gas Dryers) and increase machine efficiency. So, without any delay let’s get started.

How to choose the best washer and dryer?

It’s not easy to directly go to any shop and choose a washer/dryer. You need to consider multiple aspects and factors based on your requirements. Your home location also matters like whether you are living in an apartment (for apartment generally 110v apartment size dryer are better then 120v dryers) or separate tenement etc. So let’s see the factors you need to keep in mind before purchasing a washer/dryer.


Capacity is significant while picking a  washer/dryer. The primary thing you’ll see is that they hold more than washers. That is because your garments cushion up and occupy more room as they dry. What you don’t need is a dryer that holds less clothing than your washer, else you’ll be drying in shifts, also make sure that you Pick the shortest conceivable route from the dryer to the outside for dryer vent frameworks. Clean the vents in any event once every year to evacuate abundance build up.


The budget limit is constantly incredulous obviously. Comprehending what your financial limit is fundamental to your quest for the best washer and dryer set. Being aware of your spending will mention to you what washers and dryers you can consider and which ones you can take out from your inquiry.


While all clothes washers have fundamental cycles to deal with ordinary clothing needs, a few machines go well beyond with particular cycles for larger than usual things like sofa-beds or things marked for handwashing.


This one is the main factor. Brand reputation is very much important because their services and maintenance cost varies. You need to compare different companies like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, etc before choosing one.

Warranties & Accessories

When you’ve picked your washer and dryer set, you may feel that your dynamic is finished. In any case, there are as yet a couple of different interesting points that could draw out the presentation of your new powerful pair or make clothing day simpler. Guarantees on clothes washers and dryers are not especially enduring. Most producers just offer a fundamental year insurance arrangement.

How to Use washer & Dryer Correctly?

It is very simple to use a washer/dryer. There are 3 simple steps which are:

  • Choose Your Load Size
  • Combo Washer Dryer Detergent
  • Water Setup

Let’s see all of 3 in detail:

Choose Your Load Size

Most units have a 13 to 15-pound limit. 13 to 15 pounds is around 3 complete outfits (pants, shirt, socks, and underpants), or around 6 to 8 shower towels. It is significant not to over-burden the unit, as it won’t get your garments as perfect as they can be and it will be more diligently for the unit to dry the garments.

Combo Washer Dryer Detergent

Next comes the detergent. It is basic that you utilize a low sudsing, high proficiency cleanser. Powder works best, yet on the off chance that you incline toward a fluid, pull out all the stops. With these units, around two stacking tablespoons is all you need.

Water Levels

On the off chance that you need to wash something in hot, set the machine for boiling water and the unit will warm the water for you. Additionally, cool water enables the unit to dry the garments superior to high temp water.

The process of cleaning and drying generally takes 1-3 hours depends on number of clothes. So this is some how a good information regarding choosing and using a washer/dryer. Let us know if we need to highlight any other things in this information in the comment section and we will surely add that info.

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