How to Bypass Google Account Verification after Mobile Reset?

Google Verification is also known as Factory Reset Protection (FRP) in Android Smartphone. Most of the user don’t know until they need to reset their smartphone after Factory reset to access their smartphone. In this post, we are going to discuss What is factory reset, How it works and How to bypass Factory reset in Samsung, LG, and other mobiles step by step.

What is Factory Reset Protection?

FRP called as Factory reset protection was introduced in Android Lolipop version. FRP is a security feature that is specially designed to make sure if you have lost your phone than someone can’t wipe all your data. In short Factory, Reset Protection keeps your data safe if it’s stolen or lost. So you need to wipe/clear your data when you sell.

How does Factory Reset work in Android Smartphones?

The Function of FRP is simple when you simply create/Add your Gmail account for the first time in your smartphone, Factory Reset Protection will Automatically turn ON. It means if you want to Reset your Phone you need to perform FRP verification process. But sometimes this can become a serious trouble. Let me tell you why:

Suppose If you have decided to sell your phone and got a buyer they when the buyer wants to reset/Wipe out old data at that time he needs to provide Google credential (Gmail ID & Password) of old owner. So you have to disclose your Gmail credential temporarily to an unknown person which isn’t recommended. So at this time, there are several ways to Bypass Google Verification processor lets say there are many ways to Bypass Factory Reset Methods. So I hope now you know how FRP works and why it’s important. Now let’s dive into some methods by which you can bypass Google Verification in case you forgot to wipe all your data at the time of selling.

Steps to Disable Factory Reset Protection and Bypass Google Verification

Bypass Google Verification

In case you forget your Google Account password and FRP is enabled then you need to bypass FRP to get you to access back. To bypass FRP you don’t need any computer or any software. We can bypass google verification in 2 simple methods.

Method 1: Bypass Google Account via OEM Unlocking

After performing a factory reset on the phone, wait until it reboots and prompts to choose a language. After that follows given steps:

  • In the first step make your phone is connected to any WiFi (SSID) network.
  • Now once you see the screen which asks you to enter Google Account Details then long press the @ on the keyboard until a window pops up.
  • Now Select Google Keyboard settings in Popup Window.
  • Now Tap on THREE DOTS shown in the Top Right side on the screen and select “Help & Feedback” option.
  • Now in the Help & Feedback section Select “Using Google Keyboard
  • Now select any TEXT on the page by Long pressing anywhere on the page. After that click on WEB SEARCH on the top right section on the phone.
  • Now type SETTING in the search field.
  • Now enable “Developer Option” on your phone (To enable Developer option Go to About section of phone >> look for Build Number >> Tap 7 times on the Build Number to enable Developer Options)
  • Now once you enable Developer option just tap on that and enter its menu.
  • In Developer Options menu >> Allow “OEM Unlocking” and tap Back two times
  • Now RESTART your device and then connect to your WiFi network.

After performing all the given steps when you restart your phone you can it will ask you to ADD a New Google Account instead of old.

Bypass Google Verification

So now you can make a new account and log in using it. By this way, you can bypass Google Verification using OEM unlocking feature of Developer option given in your Smartphone Settings.

NOTE – As Google keeps fixing new bugs and security holes in Android with new updates, the methods might not work on latest Android versions. And we know that Android is an open source plateform and customized by manufacturers on different phone (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.), the FRP bypass methods don’t work on all Android phones.

Method 2: Bypass Google Verification via Reset

In this method, we will bypass google verification by reset and app settings option.

  • On the verification page, Just return to Network settings (SSID settings) and add a new network.
  • Now assign any name to New Network, After that Select and Long Press character. Now you can see 3 option when you select the Name which is: CUT, COPY & SHARE.
  • Now select the Share option. Once you select SHARE one pop up will open and Log Press on Gmail Option to open Gmail’s account Info option.
  • Go to Choose Notification > App Settings.
  • Now Tap three dots icon and choose Manage Account option on that.
  • On the next warning, window Tap on Continue to open Settings.
  • Now in the setting windows choose Backup & Reset  >> Factory data reset (This action will remove your Google account from the phone and FRP Lock will be Disable)

Once you perform the above steps correctly Your Factory Reset Protection will remove from your phone.

Method 3: Bypass Google Verification using FRP bypass APPS

There are many FRP Bypass applications/APK’s available in the market which will help you remove FRP lock from your phone (Ex. Pangu, FRP Lock Bypass, Dr.Phone and Samsung FRP Helper)

If you phone isn’t OTG supported then this method is not for you

  • Select any FRP Application and Download FRP Bypass tool on USB Drive.
  • Connect the USB drive with your Phone using OTG Cable (In case if you don’t have OTG then use FRP Bypass tool on Computer)
  • Now Using OTG install the app on your phone and erase all the data including the Gmail account.
  • Once you delete your google account FRP will be automatically Disable and when you perform Factory reset you can add a new google account.

Method 4: Bypass FRP Lock using Samsung Reactivation Lock/FRP Removal Service

Samsung FRP removal service will solve your issue of verification. This is an online service and in order to use this service, you need your phone’s IMEI Number.

Bypass Google Verification

This method is only applicable to all Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony and Google pixel Models.

So above explain methods works on almost all Android Smartphones. You can try different methods if one doesn’t work. Apart from these methods there are other FRP Bypass tools and APKs are available in the market but most of them are paid and we will discuss them in our next article but above discuss methods have highest success rates according to the survey of all users. Last but not the list let me know if you have any issue performing above steps anywhere, I will try to help you as soon as possible.

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