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Looking for a platform that enables you to chat with your gaming partners while you play? Welcome to DISCORD: your faithful companion. You might be wondering, what is Discord and what’s so special about it? Come, let’s explore everything we need to know about Discord and become a pro!

So, the thing that comes first in our mind is

What is DISCORD?

Well, you can consider Discord as Skype for gamers. Discord is a chat app with voice, video and text chat options for adults and teens, and it’s free. Nearly all of the online players have faced some problems like organizing people to start a game, which eventually takes up a long time and chatting with friends while playing.

Discord addresses these problems wonderfully by creating a place where people can congregate, meet to find their companions and become friends. The best part about Discord which makes it different from others is that you can create private servers and invite your inmates to play games by voice, text or video or join a server made by your friends. The app interface makes chatting easy where you can message someone privately or can assemble in a group chat with some friends. It also provides a search option where we can find others and add them to our list.

Moreover, if you wish to connect with like-minded people around you, you can join or create public servers, discuss your favourite topics with them and have fun. All these user-friendly approaches have made Discord very popular among the users having 250 million users, with 14 million logging every day.

So, though it was evolved aiming to bring people closer through the passion for gaming, it has quickly emerged as an organizational and social tool, not only for gamers but for all the people wishing to use it.

Bandaged better discord themes

Do you want to customize your Discord? Then, Better Discord is the application you will prefer most, as it comes with emojis and emotes directly from Moreover, it is also possible to customize or change the platform easily by adding themes and plugins.BandagedBD is one of the original themes of Better Discord which is made by Jinks. The team is continually modifying and improving the item, which also offers a different plugin for a unique gaming experience.

If you install Bandaged Better Discord Themes, the amazing extensions available here can help you to send large text and specific messages by establishing a particular plugin.You can also make different folders to organize the server. There are also some plugins available which enable us to check our spellings, display details of images and play gifs.

Using Better Discord themes, you can:

  • Customize your Discord as per your requirements using Discord CSS.
  • It is also possible for a gamer to hide any clutter using the minimal mode.
  • You can choose your theme from a wide range of Better Discord themes available and customize.
  • If you wish to customize the Better Discord Theme, add a third-party plugin.

These fantastic features, blended with excellent performance, make Better Discord an obvious choice for users.

How can we install Better Discord?

These were pretty good reasons to have our own Better Discord. I am sure all of you will agree with me. So, let’s install and enjoy our private Better Discord.

Installing Better Discord is an effortless task and does not consume much time. But for installing Better Discord, we need to install Discord first. So, at first, we need to download Discord and install it. After making our account in Discord, we can install Better Discord by just following some simple steps.

Steps to install Better Discord

  • Open the official website of Better Discord and download it.
  • Now, select your intended version.
  • After the completion of the download process, initialize the Installation process by double-clicking on it.
  • Click on Install BandagedBD on Installation menu.
  • Give a tick on Install to Stable button
  • Click on Install
  • After the installation gets completed, restart your computer

Now, as Better Discord is installed on your computer, enjoy

Better Discord Library

Now with Better Discord on your computer, enjoy an extensive range of plugin and themes from Better Discord Library. This fantastic experience of customizing your theme from such a wide range will boost your performance. It is effortless to install the item you want and customize it.

So come, let’s enjoy a unique gaming experience with Better Discord.

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