Top 11 Best Websites to Read Comics Online Free in 2018

Are you a fan of Marvel and DC characters and Comics? Were you born in the early 80’s or 90’s then you know that Comics are one of the best entertainment for kids and children? Earlier There wasn’t popular Video Games like GTA, PUBG, and Counter-Strike nor any popular TV Series like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. The only way is to read Comics like DC and Marvel and trust me Kids Loved them. But due to technological Advancement and Revolution Video Games, VR and TV Shows have replaced Comics. This isn’t true in all the cases. There are many people on this planet at some co’s and ill loves to read comics and this post is especially for them. I am sure this article will bring your Childhood Memory Back. So let’s discuss which are the top best Websites to read Comics online.

Best Websites to Read Comics Online

Earlier You need to Buy your favorite comic books from any stationary and It will cost few Bucks but nowadays Digital Media is growing like hell and you can access any comic book and series online for free. If you are a Comic Loving person then you must check out these websites which are Best in the market. This will help you to save your Money because you don’t need to buy them. So after looking at our reader’s dedication and love towards Comics and Novels we have found some of the best Websites to read Comics and Novels Online and they are as follows:


Comic Websites

We all are a big fan of Avengers, Thor, Wolverine, Deadpool, Ironman, Hulk, Captain America and especially Spiderman. In Comic World, MARVEL is one of the MOst Famous Comic. Marvel has over 20000 Comics on their site. it’s a huge collection. You can check out their website at They are providing some free comics to read initially and if you like their stories you can buy their Monthly or Yearly Subscription. (Monthly Subscription -> $9.99 and Yearly Subscription -> $69). You can also Buy your favorite comics at Marvel Shop to read at home.


Comic Websites

If you are a Fan of Batman, Superman and Justice League you need to check out DC Comics. They are specially meant for Kids. The interface is very easy You can download their App and Comics from their official website as well. DC has several Games based on Comics for Kids. DC Kids is the perfect place for Comics-Lover.


Comic Websites

Comixology of a one-stop destination for Comic readers. It’s an Amazon Company and has one of the biggest collection of Top-Rated Comics which contains DC, Marvel, Space Operas, Anime, Love Stories, Mysterious Comics and Conspiracies and Political Thrillers. It has more than 80 Publisher who provides great episodes from time to time. We recommend you to check out Comixology at least once if you are Comic-Lover.


Comic Websites

According to the Traffic States has more than 1 million monthly Visitor. So you can imagine it’s popularity in the Comic world. You can browse A-Z Comics from their categories in different Genre. Some of the popular comics of the sites are Starwars, The Wicked+The Divine, Saga, Oldman Logan and Adventure Time and the Amazing thing is this site is Free to access any comics.


Comic Websites

View Comic is also a very popular site. View Comic has started 5 years Back and have a good number of Comic Collection though all are not great you can try this one. The main minus point of the Site is a less attractive interface and many issues while searching for Comics on site.


Comic Websites

GetComics is a good Source to read your favorite Marvel and DC episodes. It has also some adult comic series like Jungle Fantasy Survivors. But if you want to read any comics You need to Download the Comic first and then read on your PC/Computer. They Don’t have an app.


Comic Websites

If you are a Fan of G.I.Joe, Optimus Prime, Dark Days, Scoundrel and Lost days then DriveThroughComics is your destination. DTC isn’t free and you need to pay few Bucks to read/Download any comics on the site. The site contains Adult, General and Kid-friendly Comics in different Language in 12 Genre (Fantasy, History, Horror, Humor, Mainstream, Martial Arts, Mystery, Pulp, romance, Science-fiction, superhero and Western). You can also set the price range and search based on Publishers name.

Digital Comic Museum

Comic Websites

DCM is the best site for downloading FREE public domain Golden Age Comics. If you like to read vintage and Old school Comics then this is a great option for you because DCM has very highly rated Digital Archives and Comic Collection online. SCM is only for Old Comic-lovers because you won’t find any Morder comics here.


Comic Websites

HC is operated by Fernando Sebastian Alvarez where he writes blog and Podcast. He also writes comics and Videos on DC.


Comic Websites

ComicBlotz has very good Publishing Partners like Asylum Press, Aspen, Chapter House Comics and Capstone press. You just need to sign in to their website or you can install their app. The site is free as well as a paid option with $7.99/Month


Comic Websites

Newsarama is especially for the Science-fiction comic lovers. At Newsarama, Comic-Lovers can read the comics, discuss comic theories, Games, and Movies.

Last Words!!

All these sites listed above are great destinations to read, Download and Discuss Comics online and offline. Some are free and some are paid. You can try any sites based on your interest. So, we hope you have liked the information and site list given here, let us know if you know any other sites which you are using to read your favorite comics in the comment section and we will add your wishlist in the post.

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