18 Basic & Advance Tasker Profiles for Android Users [Part 1]

What is Tasker?

Tasker is a revolutionary app that makes your most of the task easy based on your defined tasks. To use Tasker you don’t need to Root your Android Device. Tasker, as the name suggested, will schedule your most of the tasks which you have assigned. It monitors the phone for contexts and performs tasks based on them. You can use Taskers Manually as well as Automatically. Tasker is available on Google Play store with $2.99 Cost (Approx 199 INR). But trust me it’s worth purchase because in this busy world this app will automate you most of the tasks which eat your most of the time.

So in this post, we will be discussing Top 30 Tasker Profiles which helps Beginners as well as Expert users to automate their work. If you want to purchase Tasker then here is a link of Google Play store.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49
Total Download > 1 M
User Ratings 4.6 / 5.0
App Cost $2.99
Total No. of Tasks/Events 200+

What are Tasker Profiles?

Taskers profiles are triggered tasks and events made by users to complete a particular action. The Triggers includes App, Time, Day, Location, Hard/Soft State, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer. Taskers can perform more than 200+ Events based on the conditions and variables defined by a particular user. Here is a Complete list of Best Taskers Profiles that will help you increase Productivity and will save your time (Remember Time is Money).

There are Basically 3 Tabs you need to remember to use/trigger any events:

  • Profiles: lists of organized Actions you want to perform
  • Scenes: Scenes are visual interfaces that users can build to execute tasks
  • Variables: Variables are the values that can be assigned and changed the time to tie by users.

Now Let’s dive into Top Taskers Profiles list.

Emergency Text

Function: Emergency Text Tasker Profile will send an SMS (to your pre-defined contact) when your battery is about to die.

Steps: Open Tasker >> Go to Profile >> Go to State >> Select Power >> Select Battery level fro 0-5%

To send SMS follow these steps: Set up New Task for this profile >> Assign a Name >>Click on ‘+’ icon >> Select Phone >> Select SEND SMS >> Enter your desire Phone number and Write a Message to send him/her.

Turn On Battery Saving Mode

Function: This Tasker profile will Turn on Battery Saving mode when you are Running out of battery (Low Battery).

Steps: Open Profile >> Select State >> Select Power Option >> Choose Battery Level (Choose Battery level range from 5-10%, when your battery will come to this level Tasker automatically Turn On Battery Saving Mode)

To Turn on Battery Saving Mode: Create New Task >> Tap on ‘+’ icon >> Select Net >> Turn Off Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, Sync and Mobile Data.

Night Mode

If you want Zero Disturbance at Sleep you can use Night Mode Tasker profile

Function: This profile automatically activate Silent Mode settings and Turn-Off wifi in the night and It will revert back to old settings in the Morning. This will also save some battery life.

Steps: Open Profiles >> Click on ‘+’ sign >> Choose specific Time to turn on night mode >> Add new task and assign a name.

To Turn on Night Mode: Select Task >> Give it a name (optional) > Tap on the “+” icon >> Choose Audio >> silent mode > Turn On. (These steps Turn on the Silent mode in the night)

Go to the task once again >> Tap on the “+” icon >> Select Net >> Choose WiFi option >> Turn Off (These steps Turn off Wifi)

Automatically Play Music When Plug in Headphones

Function: This profile will be activated when you Plugged in your Headphone and It will open your Default Music Player & will start playing music automatically. (Such a cool idea)

Steps: Open Profile >> Select State >> Choose Hardware >> Headset Plugged >> Tap on Any

To Play Music Player Automatically: Tap on New task >> click on the ‘+’ icon >> Choose App >> Launch App >> Select your favorite music player app to play music automatically.

Keep The Screen On While Reading Books

Function: This Profile will help you stop turning off your Screen while reading books or any files on mobile. This way you don’t have to touch your screen frequently to Turn it on.

Steps: Select Profile >> Choose Application >> Now Select all the Reading Apps when you need your Screen Light ON >> Set up a new task for this profile >> Assign a name to the profile >> click on the ‘+’ icon > Select Display > Display timeout > Now increase Screen on time limit to your desired level.

Shake your phone to turn on the flashlight

Function: Flashlight is a very useful feature of any smartphone which will help you in Dark/When lights off. But if you don’t have Flashlight application you can install it first. Here I am using a given app developed by Lighthouse INC which is totally FREE.

Developer: Lighthouse, Inc.
Price: Free+

Steps: Go to Profile >> Select Event >> Select Sensor >> Click on Shake option >> Choose your preference from axis, sensitivity, and duration.

To Turn on Light: Create New task >> click on the ‘+’ icon >> Flashlight >> Select System Lock

After doing all the tasks whenever you shake your Phone it will automatically Turn on Flashlight.

Lock Any Application

Function: Earlier If you want to lock any application You need to install Application Locker app to make it password protected or to lock it but with the help of Tasker you don’t need to install more app to perform this task. Tasker will help you to lock your application easily.

Steps: Open profile option >>  Click on ‘+’ sign >> Open Application >> select the applications you want to lock >> Now create a new task >> click on the ‘+’ icon >> Select Display option >> Choose Lock >> Now Enter the password to lock/unlock app.

Notify When the Battery Is Charged

This task profile is very much important for everyone and I highly recommend using this functionality because Overcharging will Damage your phone and affect your battery life (I have seen many batteries exploded due to overcharging and heating)

Function: Go to Profile >> Create an event >> Select Power option >> Choose Battery Full >> Adjust the battery limit priority (Less than 20% to more than 95%).

To Notify an Alert: Create task >> click on the ‘+’ icon >> Select Alert >> Notify Sound >> Type Personalized message like “DISCONNECT CHARGER” OR “BATTERY FULL”

Launch Apps in Sequence

Function: When I wake up I used to check my Blog States(on google analytics) than Gmail account for Inbox emails and then Facebook (To waste some time). Now using Taskers I can simply assign an order to open all my apps sequentially once I close the app. (I hope you are getting my point). (In simple words I have made a Task profile and assign a sequence to some apps and once I close the app it will open another app which assigns next.)

Steps: Go to Profile >> Application >> Select your first application from the list you used to open every day>> Now create a New task >> click on the ‘+’ icon >> Click on App >> Launch App >> Now you need to select the app that you want to launch after you close the first app.

Silent Incoming calls by Flipping your phone

Function: This Profile is optional. If you are in any important meeting or at any place when you don’t want any disturbance and You got any phone call then using this profile you can simply Mute/Silent your Incoming calls by flipping or turning it upside down. (Nowadays inmost android devices by pressing any volume rocker button you can make your phone silent. so it’s optional for you)

Steps: Go to Profile >> Select State >> Click on Sensor >> Choose Orientation >> Select Face Down >> Now Crete New task >> click on the ‘+’ icon >> Select Audio >> Choose Silent Mode >> Turn it On (You can also choose Silent/Vibrate mode)

Toggle WiFi and 3G Options

Function: We usually use Wifi at home but when we go outside there is a limit of Wifi router and at that time we need to turn on out Mobile Data (3G/4G). This Tasker Profile will help you Switch WIFI & 3G options.

Steps: Go to Profile >> Choose Location >> Net=On, GPS=Off, Radius 300m, Get Fix

To toggle Network: Create new Task >> Choose Action: Net >> WiFi >> On

                                  Task >> Action: Net >> WiFi >> Off

Read Out SMS While You are Driving

Picking up a call or reading SMS while driving may lead to an accident. It’s highly recommended NOT TO USE your Mobile While Driving.

Function: This task profile will help you read SMS while driving so you don’t have to do both the work at same time.

Steps: Open Profile >> Go to Event >> Click on Phone >> Select Receive SMS >> Select Application >> Click on HOME or CAR >> Creat New Task >> Click on ‘+’ Tab >> Select Misc and hit on Say >> Type SMS from %SMSRF: %SMSRB

Decrease Your Phone’s Brightness In The Morning

Function: This task profile will let you decrease your phone brightness in the morning.

Steps: Go to Context >> Select Time >> Now you need to define Time when you wake up >> Create a new task >> Tap on ‘+’ icon >> Now open Display >> Select Display Brightness >> Set Display level according to your requirement >> Click on Green button to finish setup.

Turn On Camera With a Gesture

Function: Using this feature of Tasker you can Click Photos by selecting any gesture in your phone. Here are complete steps to set us profile:

Steps: Go to profile >> Select Event >> Choose Sensor >> Select Gesture and assign any name to it >> Hold you cell in Landscape mode to set a gesture (During this process Long press volume down rocker to record gesture) >> Now change camera preference >> Create a Task and assign a name to it >> Tap on ‘+’ icon >> Select App >> Open Load app and select Camera >> Click on Done and Apply button.

I hope you got these steps. If you find any trouble in given steps let me know in the comment section. I will try to help you out to set up this Task profile.

Speak Weather

Function: Using this Task profile you can get weather updates anytime.

Steps: Go to Profile >> Click on Task >> Change HTTP >> Provide your City and state details and all done.

Lock Out Phone By Shaking

Function: This task profile will enable Phone Lock by just Shaking your Device. You don’t need to press any Physical button to lock your phone every time.

Steps: Create New Profile >> Select Event >> Tap on Sensor >> Select Shake option >> enter your preferences for axis, sensitivity, and duration >> Create new task >> Tap ‘+’ icon >> Click on Display >> Select System Lock.

Automatically Turn on GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi for MAPS

Function: If you are traveling and you open Maps for navigation then this task profile will help you surely. It will Turn on GPS/WIFI or even Bluetooth for defined application.

Steps: Open New Tab on Taskers >> Select Application option >> Select Menu >> Create new task and assign a Name to it >> Now go to MISC and Select GPS >> Turn GPS ON.

Alert When Your Friends Try To Open access your Phone

Function: I highly recommend this Tasker profile to all of you guys. We know that our friends have a habit to sniff our mobile details/stuff. Using this profile Noone can able to access your Phone.

Steps: Create a new Profile >> Go to Application >> Select All the apps you wish to Lock >> Create a New task >> Set Action 1 as HomeScreen >> Go to Alert and Select BEEP (This will give Beep Sound).

If you want to Display any message than just Go to Flash and Enter Desire message you wish to show whoever access your mobile.

So This is Part-1 of Taskers Profile List, in Part-2 I am going to discuss Advanced Taskers profile for you guys. I hope this info. will help you to set up your favorite Tasker profile and let me know if you know any other Basic Taskers Profiles (I will include your suggestion here)

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