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If you aren’t using Spotify, then I bet that after reading this post you will surely want to try Spotify for once. If you like to listen to music online then Spotify the best option for you. Spotify released in 2006 and currently, more than 90 Million people across 52 countries are using Spotify. Now you must be thinking why it’s so much popular in Music World? There are many reasons for its popularity and in this post, we are going to dive deep into Spotify’s main features.

Play Music Based on Genres & Mood

Spotify Web Players Features

I generally switch my taste in music time to time. In the gym, I prefer Rock, Workout Music Albums and Hip-hop and at home, I prefer Classical, Country and Jazz genre. To listen to all type of genre now you don’t need to search on the internet because Spotify has all type of music related to Genre & Mood. As you can see in the image that there are different options like Podcast, New Release, Genre etc. Spotify gives you an inbuilt BROWSE option to search for your favorite movie.

Complete List of Songs of an Artist all at once

Spotify Web Players Features

The main reason why I love Spotify is that of this feature. In Youtube or in another music player if you want to listen to all the songs related to a particular Singer then you need to search songs one by one, but in Spotify, you just have to enter your favorite Singer name and you will find a complete list of that artist from starting. For example, in the given image I searched for Atif Aslam and It shows me all the Songs of Atif Aslam in single click even based on the concerts and including Movies and Music Albums. In about section, you can also see the monthly viewers and total followers of any particular artist.

Best User interface

Spotify Web Players Features

Spotify has a very User-friendly and easy Navigation interface. For beginners, it’s very easy to understand all the features of Spotify within a few hours because all the Tabs and option are very well placed and songs are categorized based on music playlist. Once you use Spotify you will easily understand this point.

Build your Own Playlist

This feature comes in almost all the music player nowadays but in Spotify, you can search for your favorite artist and make your own radio station by searching the new station. The music will play nonstop without any hustle, you don’t need to change any song one by one once you make your playlist. You can mark your favorite song and add them to the queue.

Easily accessible from all the devices

Spotify Web Players Features

This is one more reason I love Spotify, Most of the player want to allow you wide accessibility across different devices, It means you need to stick to any particular device like PC or mobile but in Spotify, it’s easily accessible anywhere in the world with no boundaries. You can connect your devices like iPad, PC, Mobile and other gadgets with Spotify for listening to music.

You Can Sing Along With Lyrics

Most of the music lover including myself have the habit to sing a song (Though I am a horrible Single) while it’s playing in Music player but sometimes we forget the Lyrics (Especially in English songs) but Spotify has a feature of LYRICS. You can see the complete Lyrics of any song which will help you to sing a song side by side.

Consume very less space

Most of the online web player has a large file size and consume huge space in our system but Spotify is different because it’s not very big and files size is approx 50MB. So you don’t need to worry about your devices internal space because you don’t need to install any additional apps, just open “Play.Spotify.com” and start listening to your favorite music tracks.

Play Music from Local Files

Spotify Web Players Features

This feature doesn’t come in all the web music player. Once you install Spotify and open Local Files it will automatically detect song list given in your Local music folder. Once you click Play it shows approx music playing time and play every song in the queue.

Listen to your favorite Podcast

Spotify Web Players Features

This feature is another reason you need to start using Spotify web player because if you are listening daily podcast then Spotify has an inbuilt functionality to search for any Podcast and it will give you all the episode of that Artist/channel.


So based on my experience I would like to suggest you that If you love playing music online than SPOTIFY is the best web music player in the market where you will get almost every features which other music web players doesn’t have and If you are currently using Spotify then let me know your experience and any features that I have missed in this post.

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