Top 9 Private Search Engines That Do Not Track You | 2018 Edition

Most of the people are using Google to solve their query because Google is the best Search engine in the world based on their algorithm and search query solutions. But do you know this type of search engines sometimes collects your data and search history to show you relevant ads when you search anything on it? In short, many search engines collect your data to retarget.

Top Private Search Engines That Do Not Track You

Privacy is one of the biggest concern in the 21st century, earlier we have seen the case of Cambridge Analytica, where thousands of Facebook user’s private data was compromised. Now the question is, is there any search engines exists who don’t save our data and don’t track us based on what we search online and IP address? The answer is YES. There are many Private search engines available who don’t record search history and never track you based on your IP address. So, in this post, we have listed out Top 10 Private search engines of 2018 who don’t Track you and safe to use.


Top Private Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is bar far one of the best Search Engine who respects your privacy. One big feature of DuckDuckGo is it allows you to search directly inside a website, this feature is called BANGS. DuckDuckGo also a good user experience with a clean and accurate solution for search queries. It allows you to search sites based on categories like Tech, Entertainment, News, MultiMedia, and Research. On top of that, there are many customization options are available and that’s why It’s on the Top spot on our List.

Disconnect Search

Top Private Search Engine

Disconnect Search is another good Example of Seach Engines who don’t allow Tracking. Disconnect Search lets you use search engines like Yahoo and Bing privately by routing all your searches through their servers. Disconnect Search don’t track any of your search History or your IP address to retarget you so you can easily surf Bing and Yahoo via Disconnect Search without being tracked. Disconnect Search has also their Paid Application Who Provide can secure your Entire Device and Computer Virtual Private Network (VPN) that encrypts your traffic and masks your location.


Top Private Search Engine

WolframAlpha is a computational intelligence( the ability of a computer to learn a specific task from data or experimental observation) based Engines. In other word WolframAlpha isn’t typically a search engine it shows you result based on computable answer It means If you search “Christmas” it shows result about When Christmas is and after how many days and months left in Christmas. WolframAlpha was made based on Natural Language Understanding, Curated Data & Knowledge, and dynamic algorithm computation. WolframAlpha shows search result based on Compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms, knowledgebase, and AI technology.


Top Private Search Engine

Startpage is also a good Privacy Friendly search engine who disable all the tracking of user’s search. There is no compromise on Quality of search result. Startpage also has their Chrome Extension which you can install and make it as Homepage. Startpage also provides Image and Video search based search result like google. So on an average Startpage is a good alternative to Google.


Top Private Search Engine

Yippy is another good alternative for Google which shows you result based on your search category wise. Yippy don’t allow any customize ads and doesn’t track you. In the lest sidebar Yippy shows Top search Result based on source, time and topics. So you can give a shot and must use this search engine.


Top Private Search Engine

Lukol is an anonymous search engine powered by Google Custome Search which uses the proxy server to deliver customized search results. Lukol doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information (PII) and user don’t have to do registration. Lukol uses Cookies to personalize content and ads. Lukol protects your information and searches history from hackers. Based on My Experience I would give 8/10 to the lukol search engine.


Top Private Search Engine

Gigablast was founded in 2000 by Matt wells with the perspective of indexing hundreds of billions of pages with the least amount of hardware possible. There are some great feature you can see on Gigablast like topic generation and the ability to index multiple document formats. According to their team, it says that they have nearly billions of sites indexed on their server which provides great solutions based on users query. The site design was quite old fashion but the performance is great. You should definitely check out once if you are looking for Good Private search engine.


Top Private Search Engine

Metager has inbuild proxy servers that will protect you from being tracked by hackers. Metager provides privacy protected search & Find option which is a good service. Its default language is German but you can select English from the settings. If you want ads free search result then goes to its settings and in “The key for the ad-free search” enter the list of keywords for which you don’t want to see ads. To complete protection Use MetaGer against Snoopers: Click results by “open anonymously” and you are fully protected.


Top Private Search Engine

Oscobo has one of the cleanest interfaces and they have their own platform where the user can search anonymously without getting worried about their privacy and IP address. The main purpose of oscobo is to protect your privacy while you search the web. Oscobo doesn’t store your personal information and will never ask you to provide it for any of their search services. One main feature of Oscobo is traffic routed through their search engine is SSL encrypted. Oscobo doesn’t use any third-party scripts or analytics on which protects you from other companies attempting to track your activity.

Final Verdict!

So guys if you are really concern about your privacy and personal data you I recommend you to start using any of the search engines listed in this post because sometimes we have seen that many hackers can steal data from your browser and sell it to third-party which is a great potential thread. Don’t forget to share this info with your friends to aware them about Privacy and Data protection.

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