4 Best Countertop Water Filters For 2020

Water safety is a concern of every household, especially with the rise of many diseases caused by contaminated water. Countertop water filters have become a popular solution to ensure a clean water supply in many households.

They remove a large number of contaminants in the water, which leads to improved taste and smell. It’s also a more affordable option compared to a water system for the whole house.

Countertop water filters are convenient and easy to set up. Without water, there’s no life, so ensuring a clean water supply for your loved ones should be a priority for everyone. The best countertop water filters help you save money from buying bottled water.

You install it beside your sink and pour yourself a glass of water without worrying about any harmful chemicals. There are several types of home water filters, each with different pros and cons. Let’s have a look.

Types of Countertop Water Filters

Here is a few best water filter which we have shortlisted based on multiple factors.

Carbon Filters

A countertop carbon filter removes chlorine and chloramine, the common chemicals used by water treatment plants that degrade the taste of tap water. Aside from making water taste a lot better, carbon filters also remove herbicides, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds through a process called adsorption. Organic compounds bond to carbon, leaving your water clean and tasty.

Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

Apex’s carbon filter removes all common contaminants like chlorine, sediments, and cysts, which cause waterborne sicknesses.  It is simple to install, fits on any kitchen counter, and easily connects to kitchen faucets. With Apex water filters, you don’t have to worry about the cost of buying bottled water. The Apex water filter is made in the USA and adheres to the FDA and NSF guidelines on safety to ensure that your water is completely safe and healthy. It’s cost-effective and environmentally friendly, easy to install, and available in six colors to match any kitchen.

Water Distillers The countertop water distiller produces the highest-quality mineral-free water, and it’s the best solution for uncompromising purity. Water distillers work by boiling water until it is converted entirely into steam, leaving behind all contaminants like heavy metals, viruses, chemicals, and sediments. The steam is then condensed and cooled back into a liquid state.

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Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

This gravity-fed filter by Berkey uses a powerful purification system to remove all harmful contaminants, including viruses, pathogenic bacteria, protozoa, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical drugs. Equipped with high-quality material filters that exceed the NSF and FDA standards, this water distiller guarantees a lengthy lifespan with each pair of Black Berkey purification elements lasting for 6,000 gallons before needing replacement. With durable water filters and a stainless steel bottle, you’ll ensure your tap water is as clean as can be.

Filter Dispensers This type of filter is quite an affordable option that requires no electricity, and it’s suitable for both big and small families. A filter dispenser consists of three chambers. You fill the upper chamber with water, which runs through the filters to the lower chamber.

Although this process takes several hours, the filter doesn’t need to be connected to a water line or an electricity source. Filter dispensers provide an affordable way to purify your water, and they’re an excellent option for unexpected disaster scenarios.

Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System

This filtration system offers an advanced water filtration level, which eliminates fluoride and aluminum while removing microplastics from tap water. Along with eliminating bacteria and parasites, which cause waterborne diseases, it alkalizes the water and adds beneficial minerals, providing a great taste and supreme purity. This countertop filtration system is also equipped with magnets to activate and energize water molecules for better absorption. It’s available in different sizes and provides high levels of filtration at an affordable price.


Different countertop water filtration systems are most efficient in different conditions. Some remove sediments better, while others are more efficient in dealing with chemicals and heavy metals. To ensure the best countertop water filtration for your home, make sure you’re familiar with the contaminants in  your water.

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