9 Best 3DS Homebrew Apps in the Market

Do you want to run Homebrew on your system? To see Homebrew in action, come, let’s uncover all we need to know about Homebrew and 3DS Homebrew Apps.

What is Homebrew, and what are 3DS Homebrew apps?

So, Homebrew is a top-rated but unofficial software developed by amateur developers for closed systems like 3DS. Though this includes both applications and games, 3DS Homebrew applications gained their popularity when hackers, developers, and consumers executed them on their video game consoles. So, having Homebrew on your 3DS enables you to:

  1. Play Aperture Science 3D, a free adaptation of portal for 3DS
  2. Play out-of-region games you own
  3. Customize your themes to use in the home menu.
  4. Play old SNES games with blargSNES.

Moreover,3DS homebrew servers are used to play media that were sent to it from other network devices. So, it is a great way to store media and files.

So, now, let’s discuss some best homebrew apps:

Best Homebrew Apps

We have checked multiple apps and came up with these 9 best app in the categories. do check out.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator (Early Access)

Do you love to play 3DS games a lot? The Nintendo 3DS Emulator is just the perfect destination for you. This app allows you to play a lot of 3DS games without wasting your smartphone’s battery. So, you can play for hours without fearing for any problems or the fear that the battery will run out. These high-quality games are now adapted to smartphones. So, now it is elementary to get used to the game-play and revisit your childhood any time you want. It is even possible to adjust the speed of passing levels. You can lower the pace when you are going through a challenging round. It is possible to customize the screen extension to make the game comfortable. As it is very much user-friendly, this app has been downloaded 100 thousand times.

3DS Homebrew Browser

The 3DS Homebrew Browser is a widespread application using which we can not only browse but also download Homebrew applications to our Nintendo 3DS. It is very easy to use software for everyone.


Become the part of a vast community with Reddit. Reddit is a network of communities where you can have fun with like-minded people. You can join a community based on your interests and get started. From the funniest jokes and memes to embroidery and cooking, you can find everything in one app. But, it is only upon you to decide what you will see; the app can only make recommendations. With this free app, you can share, vote, and do anything you want. You can get news and advice from your new friends. You can also take advantage of this free app to start your blog or upload photos, videos, and articles.


This great emulator is as exciting as its name. By downloading this app, you can get access to more than dozens of games on consoles. You can enjoy your favorite games like Pokemon and Fifa with this easy to use app. As it is fast and error-free, you can enjoy your favorite games here with the high-quality graphics. After opening the app, select your competition.Moreover, this free app has no ads so that you can completely dive into the world of your favorite games. And the most exciting part about the game is, the size of the app is only 8.8 MB.Try this app just for once, and you will be in love with it.

Rapid PSP Emulator for PSP games

With this fast emulator, you can play thousands of PSP games. This app is one of those perfect 3DS Homebrew apps, which was developed by amateurs but worked well with no errors. Though it is only 27 MB in size, this app supports more than 10 thousand PSP games so that you can have fun with your friends.

3DS paint

With this 3DS Homebrew app, it is possible to draw anything we want with seven colors and an eraser. We can also edit our images. It is also possible to save our drawings on an SD card. The instructions can be found on 3DS’s top screen. The app can be installed in many ways: as a Gateway’s 3DS file or a .cia file. It is also ready for SSSPwn.It is a fully capable file manager, but the only disadvantage of this app is that: there is a small corner around the touch-screen where it is not possible to draw anything.


CTRXplorer is a 3DS CFW app which is an open-source SD file manager for 3DS. It is a fully capable file manager who is 1B in size. It has been designed upon UI functions of the excellent ctrcommon library by @Steveice10. So, if there is some FBI user, it may look familiar to them. The features of this app are: deleting single or multiple files, rename files, copy single or multiple files, move single or multiple files, create directories, generate dummy files, display and edit data in a hex viewer.


Do pokemon attract you very much? Then, Pksm can be the perfect game for you. The latest version of PKSM is 5.1.4.PKSM software works on CFW and Rosalina based Homebrew Launchers. At this moment, it is being rewritten into different languages, and so frequent updates can not be expected. But, this application can be considered as one of the best 3DS apps. 

The N.DS Pocket Of Simulator

With this emulator, you can have high-quality homebrew software and access to thousands of free DS games. After downloading the games, you can find them in the memory of your smartphone. The app quickly scans your smartphones, and so, games are played without errors. This popular app comes in only 28 MB and, thus, does not waste your phone’s memory. As it is virus-free and safe, you can enjoy your favorite game, endlessly.

So, it was all about 3DS Homebrew apps. So come, let’s explore the vast world of 3DS apps.

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