How to access discord secret control panel? Discord Error Fix

Video games have revolutionized the world of sports and have given birth to a separate field in addition to indoor and out games. Video games have taken full advantage of the development in technology and have grown unexpectedly. What gamers are experiencing today was unimaginable five to eight years back. Besides mobile and laptop companies, few other companies are trying hard to provide more entertainment to gamers—discord one of them.

What is Discord?

Discord Secret Control Panel

Discord is a software company that facilitates gamers to talk to each other while playing. They can also share their screens, send documents, voice clips, e.t.c. Though it was created especially for gamers, now a lot of other people use it for communication purposes.

When entered the market, it had to deal with few opponents who have already established their mark in this field. But with its unique ideology and excellent user interface and services, this software has been gradually increasing its users, extending its services round the clock.

Discord is not a new word to any gamer. An enthusiastic gamer might have already heard about this. What’s new is, some of the secrets in this software, which you can call as Discord secrets. Most of its users are eager to know the secrets of this software. One of those secrets is the discord super secret control panel.

If you are also interested in knowing about this hidden control panel, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be telling you about this secret control panel and the way to access it. So let’s get started.

How to access discord secret control panel?

Accessing the secrete control panel is pretty simple. You just need to follow these steps below to access the secrete control panel.

  • Download the discord app on your PC through your web browser.
  • Install it following the instructions carefully.
  • Now run the program.
  • In the app, you will find a notification bar.
  • Right-click on this notification bar to find the top-secret control panel.

This is how you can visit the top-secret control panel in the discord app. It is very simple to get here. But here you can see that you cannot access this panel. The reasons for that are mentioned below.

Why can you not access the discord secret control panel?

Through this control panel is seen in your app from 2015 or so, users are failing to access this one option. The exact reason for this is not known to date but, from some sources, the following are known to be the reasons for this.

This option might be for the development and running of the app and thus is available only for the developers.

This option could be under its beta version, i.e., under development and thus is not available for its users. However, this option seems to have a very less probability since it is possible for the users for approximately six years now.

It might just be the name of the panel and has nothing to do with secrets or such. On thinking a bit on this, it doesn’t make sense to put something that has no use in the app. So this case also has very fewer chances.

How to unlock the top-secret control panel on discord?

This panel has been disabled since it was introduced into the app. The unlocking is also not possible by users. People are expecting some development in this panel with new features and then make it available for its users.

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