7 Best Evite Alternatives – Sites like Evite for Event Planning and Invites

Planning to have some special event? Worried about the invitations? Then, Forget about the stress of invitation and this time do something modern and unique with the Evite or Evite alternatives! Leave behind the tedious ways of traditional invitation and begin with these new ways of inviting your special guests to your special events. Sounds interesting?

Want to know more about the Evite or Best Evite Alternatives, then read further. Here is everything you need to know about the Evite and its best alternatives to make your occasions more memorable!

What Is Evite?

If you are unaware of something so amazing like Evite then, you must know that Evite is the best and free online service working since 1998. By using this free and secure service, you can send invitations for your various events or occasions. Say goodbye to traditional invitation methods and do something new and trending!

How To Use Evite?

Evite is simple and easy to use; you can send many invitations using Evite. You need all the details about the event or ceremony, and the details like email and phone number of all the guests you are looking forward to inviting. After adding all the data, click on the finish and send it. You can send invitations to your guests in a few swipes!

7 Best Evite Alternatives

Evite is one of the most amazing online invitation services; people are losing interest in it due to lack of maintenance and unavailability of new trends. There are tremendous new Evite competitors or alternatives in the market with unique features missing in Evite. If you are looking for the best Evite Alternatives, then here it is:

Paperless Post

If you are in search of service which can offer you various customization options, then Paperless Post is for you. You get great design options with the paperless post. Founded in the year 2009, Paperless Post has its IOS App and a website where you can bring your imagination into reality; Design the cards the way you want!

Do not worry about the quantity; If you want to send invitations for your big fat wedding then, Paperless Post allows you to send 2000 maximum cards via email. Moreover, send the card to your social media friends with the help of -Flyer-, which enables you to share directly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

Site – paperlesspost.com


One of the best Evite Alternative found in 2006. Many people compare Punchbowl vs. Evite, as Punchbowl has gained immense popularity like Evite with its amazing services. For its stunning customer beneficiary services, Punchbowl won the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange Award. It is effortless to use and allows you to send 100 invitations per event.

Punchbowl is an incredible website that helps you with everything, from planning the event to sending the cards! You can also track the cards, and send updates to your guests with the help of the website. Apart from this, you can also send digital cards to 10 recipients within a month.

Site – punchbowl.com


Mainly design for classy and unique wedding invitations, Minted has vast collections of designs for different ceremonies as well. You get a variety of delightful cards; your card is ready within 10 minutes with Minted! Choose from the genuinely spectacular designs or design your cards with Minted!

The most amazing feature about Minted is that it has its designers, so you can design your card from the top designers or take ideas from them. Along with astonishing cards, it has an impressive collection of gifts, stationaries, and calendars you can buy!

Site – minted.com


If you love to do something decent and classy, then Pingg is the best option for you. Send innovative and finely design cards to 75 guests for free with Pingg. Pingg has a unique feature that allows you to upload your photos on your cards, isn’t that truly adorable! You can design your card and add pictures from your gallery if you want. Pingg serves you with excellent functions like collect donations and selling tickets.

The only minus point is advertisements. You can send updates to your guests about the event and track your cards after sending through Pingg. All the stunning features apart from ads make it one of the best Evite Alternative.


Make your event more amazing and fun by pampering your guests with some unique and surprising cards by Greenvelope. It offers you with unique features like never before; you can add your favorite music to the cards. Add images, animations, locations from Google maps, and more, which will make it easier and impressive for your guests.

Get unique membership packages for your events on the official website of Greenvelope. It helps you to track the cards quickly, and if you want to save cards, you can send a single invitation to a family in groups. Greenvelope allows you to customize the cards; you get a variety of options for different events on Greenvelope. It is straightforward to use and will enable you to send updates about the game to the guests.

Site – greenvelope.com


Do you wish to send business event cards or for some special personal event, Sendomatic as it all for you. You can customize the designs or choose from an enormous collection of jaw-dropping designs readily available on the site. Do not worry about irritating advertisements. Sendomatic cards are ad-free. You can track them easily after sending them.

You can send cards to 10 recipients free, and if you want to send more, then you need to pay. Or get the membership from the official website off Sendomatic and send unlimited cards.

Site – sendomatic.com


Purpletrail is amazing but paid online invitation services. You get to choose from a variety of pre-design custom cards, or you can design by yourself accordingly. It has a unique feature that allows you to chat with your guests for suggestions on various aspects.

Purpletrail is easy and quick to use; you need to sign up to enjoy the services. You can add images on the cards and create personalized planners. Purpletrail has other astonishing products to buy, like gifts, stationeries, cards, and many more!

Site – purpletrail.com

All the above are the best Evite Alternatives with adorable features you need to make your event more fun!

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