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An American economist and Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman once quoted that, “The Internet is the most effective instrument we have for globalization”. And from decades we are on a global shift towards development and this is only due to the efficient exchange of data across the globe. These days the roots of the Internet have reached even in small villages which have enabled every human to communicate with each other.

We all strive for fast internet speed and large amounts of data. And to provide you this service many companies like Cisco are providing routers that you can connect to your network and browse on the Internet. This is extremely fast due to the wired connections. We know that each device connected across the Internet has its unique IP (Internet Protocol) Address. This makes devices around the internet distinguishable and maintains communication between devices.

Every router has its private IP address as it is also a device connected to a network. And to access the services provided by a service provider we need to config our router. In this article, we will be focusing on the steps that should be taken for setting up, configuration and log in to router’s setting. Login is an IP address of the router which is connected in a network. We can access settings of this router by accessing this IP. Let’s see.

When you purchase a new router you need to change its username and password. Though it is already set to default, which is fixed and any other unknown device can access your connection using them. So, it is necessary to change the default username and password. Router Login is the IP address of D-Link routers. So if you want to log in you will just go and type in the URL bar of your browser. Log in with the administrator’s username and password. If you are logging for the first time then click on setup and go to wireless settings. You can set up manually or automatically. It is easy to change the username and password of yourself from any device. is also a default IP address of some of the broadband modems and routers. It is reserved for a private block of addresses. Some of the routers of companies like Motorola, Netopia, etc. provide the default address as So accessing the device using this private IP’s direct from the internet is not possible. But the network can be used by other devices to connect. All the devices using are again assigned to the unique IP. So, this is useful to avoid conflicts among devices.

How to Change Wifi Password?

There are some simple steps to change the password of your WIFI.

  1. Know the default IP address of your WIFI. If it is not known then configure it.
  2. Open any web browser and type Http:/0/ (IP address).
  3. If you are logging in for the first time then it will ask you your username and password. Enter the default username and password given to you.
  4. You can now go to the Settings and choose option Change the password. After entering the new password click to Save the Settings
  5. If you are used to logging in and now want to change the password, then follow the same way but log in using an existing username and password.

Once you change your password all the devices connected wirelessly will get disconnected. You need to reconnect it to your Wi-Fi router by entering the new password.

How to know the IP address of the router?

Sometimes it’s possible that you don’t know the IP address of the WIFI you are using. So, there is a method to know your WIFI IP address.

  1. Click on the windows button and type Command Prompt in the search bar. You’ll see the option command prompt on the screen, open it.
  2. Enter the command ipconfig to know your computer’s connection.
  3. The command prompt will show you all the network you were logged in.
  4. You may find your active IP address in the Default Gateway section.

What to do in the case of is not opening?

Most of the time you can’t open the router’s setting is, you are not using the correct IP address. To know the correct address of your active network, perform the above steps. For some time it may be the problem with the power connection of WLAN and cable. SO plugging in the connections properly may help. The error shown in this case will be ‘This site can’t be reached’ and ‘ took too long to response’.

After logging in another issue may occur, you may be entering the incorrect username or password. The default username and password will be given on the routers’ backside.

Sometimes, the problem is with using https://. The problem can be solved simply using https:// instead of https://. These are due to some modern routers default IP addresses.

There are some problems regarding the hardware of routers and its accessories. You may reboot the router or even change the cable if it’s not working properly. Disconnecting all the mobile phones from your PC or disabling the tethering may help you solve the issue while login.

It is always preferable to contact the service provider if you are not able to access your router’s IP applying given methods.

TP-Link Router login

When we purchase a new router its IP is unknown to us. We can find it out as given in this article or we have one more method to try the method.

Every router company gives you an IP that is told by them in their documentation. Discussing the TP-link router it has always below given IPs. It can be or or maybe others on the list. You should check whether an IP is accessible from your computer when the router is connected to it. Whichever is accessible to you is your router’s IP.

Once you get to know what your IP is you can assess it through a web browser as given in this article. If you have accessed it for the first time this, it will take you to set up a page where you can change its password to select your time zone and other basic needs. Router Login

Now, this is how you will set up your TP-link router. You can access your admin dashboard of the TP-link login any time you want by accessing your router’s IP.

If you have not configured it here are the steps to config it. Router Login

By default username and password of your router are admin and admin. By logging in you will have to set up it by choosing your time zone as shown above. Router Login

Then you need to enter the network name and password. This connection will take place which will check whether the router is working as it has to work.

When Quick setup is over you are free to use the internet over your computer and connected devices.

Generally, this quick setup is done by the service provider who connects it. You only need to do it manually when you buy your router from online stores.

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