10 Working 1337x Torrent Proxy Sites & Unblocked Mirror Site List

The government of all the countries generally block the suspicious sites. Well, torrent is the best and the most prominent example of this case. Torrent sites provide us the content of games, applications, and movies for almost any platform and free of cost. Many people have started to proxy their websites to prevent their torrent site from finding the actual websites.

Well, if you want then by unblocking the 1337x proxy sites, you can visit those sites. But you might be confused about how to unblock those sites. So, you can follow one of the easiest ways to access 1337 proxy sites by using mirror sites. But you might face the problem in finding them because they are not easily accessible.

Don’t worry guys; I have done some research to get the updated list of 1337x proxy and 1337 unblocked mirror site. But before it, let’s clear out some of your thoughts and doubts.

How To Check If Your ISP Have Blocked 1337x Torrent?

If any site is not accessed because of the server issue, it doesn’t mean that your torrent has blocked. So, to be sure whether it is blocked or not, try to run the website in incognito or private browser mode. If it shows the message that the site is blocked by your ISP or government, this will mean that it has blocked by the higher authorities.

Why aren’t The Sites Like 1337x unblocked?

To understand the reason behind the blocking of 13377x.to, you need to get through the security, piracy, copyright, and other law related matters.

Well, as you all are aware of that 1337x. To proxy provides multiple files, music, videos, and everything one need to download but the main problem is faced that the files come under the privacy problem, copyright violation, and legal obligations towards the country. So, if you will download anything from 1337.to, you will gonna face the problems. Well, the following is the list of the best and most popular torrent sites. So let’s just have a look at it.

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List of 1337x Proxy/mirror Sites

Earlier I have shared Working Kickass Proxy and Mirror sites, but in this post, we will see 1337x mirror sites and top alternative option of 1337x torrent.

I have checked all the mirror sites listed in the Table, and all are working at the time of writing this post. It’s possible that if you are reading this post after a while, then some of them will not work anymore but I will keep updating this list.

Sr No. 1337x Proxy/Mirror Speed/Status
1 https://1337x-to.pbproxy2.co Good
2 https://1337x-to.proxydude.xyz Fast
3 1337x.bypassed.re Fast
4 http://www.1337x.pl Fast
5 https://1337x.unblocked.st Fast
6 https://1337x.unblocked.st Good
7 https://1337x-to.proxydude.xyz Medium
8 https://1337x.unblocker.cc Fast
9 https://sitenable.pw Medium

Just Copy and Paste mirror site UTL in a new tab and press enter to visit the 1337 mirror sites.

1337x alternative Torrents Sites

  1. The Pirate Bay

This site has been in one type or another for a long time. The torrents have always been trusted here, and so it is also the “King Of Torrents.”

  1. RARBG

For the best quality and high-resolution torrents, RARBG is the best one. It was started as the Bulgarian tracker and was found in 2008. If you talk about the quality and not about the quantity, then RARBG is the best one.

  1. Popcorn Time

For free streaming movies, Popcorn Time is the dedicated site. If you like watching movies on your PC and mobile, then you will get available with lots of options, and so you can watch them as much you would want.

  1. YTS.AM

It is frequently written as YIFY/YTS slicker soon after the launch. This site hijacked the popular brand, so all the other torrent sites were not happy after releasing it. YIFY focus on providing HD quality prints in all movies and TV shows.


For the original Torrentz.eu site, TORRENTZ2 launched as a deputize which got closed in 2016. The site only lists torrent hashes at the time of writing. The future of this site is undetermined, no matter the browser add-ons and plugins still makes the site serviceable.

  1. iDOP

This torrent site got released in 2016. To the torrent scene, it is a parallel newcomer. The site is worth mentioning only for its innovative iDOP Android App.

  1. Monova

The reason for its attraction is its nice and clean design. It is a great torrent site either for advertising or any issue.

  1. Torrents.me

Though this site is not that special, the thing which attracts the most in this site is its dashboard on the home page. If you are a real fan of torrent sites, then you will surely gonna love it.

  1. Seedpeer

If you want to search the sizeable database of torrents, this site has always been the best place to search. It is a beneficial site.

What Is Proxy?

To hide the real address of our site to save it from tracing, we use a proxy. But you can’t trust all the proxy sites because there are many fake sites. So you need to be very careful, or otherwise, they can trap you and even fill a virus on your computer. One more tip to prevent your system from a virus is fill your computer with antivirus.

How To Use Mirror Sites?

Virtual Private Network (VPNs) can hide your IP address. It can conceal all the traffic on your site that is why many companies provide this service. So using VPNs can be one of the best ways to access the torrent site.

 It would be better if you will go for the paid VPNs rather than the free ones. The paid VPNs provide better anonymity.

Which One Is Better Proxy Or VPN?

Many people prefer to use a Proxy. But there are some points where VPN is much better than the Proxy site.

  • Proxy is limited to secure internet access only through a Browser. VPNs offer secure internet access in almost all the applications over the internet.
  • VPNs provide an additional layer of security using scrambler for better protection whereas any proxy server does not offer it.
  • VPNs provide superior security for routing traffic or masking IP address than any proxy.

So, using VPN would be a better option than using the proxy site because obviously, you will not apply torrent in only limited browser access.


So, guys, if you are looking forward to torrent sites, using VPN is crucial for your privacy. If you care about privacy and illegal activities, then be careful and make sure to have an antivirus in your system as well as the use of VPN instead of the proxy.

I hope you guys liked the guide. So clip our site for more regular updates. And do contact us in case of any doubts or any confusion. Thank You.

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